Superman: Fury Road?

george-miller-superman-sequelRemember how we all assumed that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was the sequel to Man of Steel? Apparently we’ve been wrong. Granted, there were rumors of another solo Superman film to be in the works at WB, but that wasn’t going to be until 2018, well after the Man of Steel squared off with Batman (and then presumably teamed up with him for Justice League). But if new rumors are to believed, WB is prepping a proper sequel to MoS, and they’ve signed on Mad Max mastermind George Miller to bring Superman back to the silver screen.

Now there’s been no official announcement from WB about this news. In fact, this rumor hasn’t even come from WB or anyone working for the studios. It comes from John Schnepp, the director behind The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened. While being interviewed for a podcast, he was asked about the future slate of WB’s DC movies, and stated with confidence that Miller is not only in talks to direct Man of Steel 2, but is already signed on and ready to go. It’s not the most trustworthy news source (for all we know, Schnepp could’ve made it up to make sure that people click an article with his name and current project on it), but it makes a lot of sense if you think about.

First off, followers of superhero movie lore know that this isn’t Miller’s first brush with the Man of Steel. Way back in 2010, Miller was actively prepping a Justice League film that would’ve brought Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and other DC heroes to the big screen (before Avengers even). Of course we all know that Justice League: Mortal was eventually scrapped over budget concerns and writing issues, but much of Miller’s ideas and casting made it pretty far. WB has first hand knowledge of Miller’s take on Superman, so giving him the sequel to Man of Steel would probably make for a pretty smooth preproduction cycle.

Secondly, George Miller gave WB one of the most critically acclaimed films of the summer with Mad Max: Fury Road. This was a film that is the latest installment of a decades old franchise, and there was no reason for it to exist. But Miller’s film was one of the biggest thrill rides of the summer, and has still left an impression on people months after it came and went in theaters. WB would be smart to keep Miller in house, and bringing him into the DC fold would give them a ton of good faith from the nerd public, many of who are still upset over the “darker” take on Superman that Snyder gave them.

Working on Superman would also help Miller in the fact that it could secure us another Mad Max film. While Fury Road was a ton of fun and arguably the best movie of the summer, it’s box office still wasn’t very strong. Sure, it made its budget back, but there hasn’t been an announcement on the follow-up The Wastelands yet. Perhaps Miller agreeing to come on board and direct Man of Steel 2 is a bargaining chip for him as well. If he agrees to direct this film for WB, they will probably agree to finance and produce more adventures for Max Rockatansky (similar to Ben Affleck’s agreement to sign on for more Batman films and appearances in exchange for his movies being financed). Miller agreeing to “do one for them” could in turn be beneficial for all of us: we’d get an awesome new take on the Man of Steel from Miller, and more Mad Max films. Seems like a win to me.

But….there’s a big new development here. Rumors are now swirling that a sequel to Man of Steel is on “permanent hold”. Now, this could mean a lot of things. For one, it could be that WB is waiting to see how Batman V Superman performs before putting out another Henry Cavill Superman film. For another, it could mean that they’re stuck on where to take Superman after appearing in BvS and TWO Justice League movies, and are actively taking pitches from directors on where to next take the Man of Steel. Of course, it could also mean that there’s no plans for a follow-up to Man of Steel, and that Superman is going to be placed on the back burner in favor of Ben Affleck’s Batman (and if recent studio screenings are to be believed, this may be the one that holds the most truth).

Whatever the case, it kinda sucks. While Man of Steel had it’s problems, I do really like Henry Cavill as Superman, and I want to see more of his take on Superman on the big screen. Superman is the biggest superhero in the world, and reducing him to a background character or team player seems like it would be doing him a disservice. Hopefully George Miller is the director to convince WB to release Superman from “permanent hold”. And if not, here’s hoping the Miller is placed on a different DC Warner Bros project

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