The Spectacular Tom Holland!

holland-spidermanAfter months of speculation, we finally have our actor for the new Sony/Marvel Studios Spider-Man films: Tom Holland. Of the finalists, I think he was easily the best one. No offense to Asa Butterfield (the rumored frontrunner), but I didn’t think he could pull off what it takes to be Spidey. Now, we all know that this movie will feature Peter Parker as a high schooler, which yes, the other Spider-Man films touched on, but the difference here will be that he’ll actually get to interact with the characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, something that is, quite honestly, still blowing my mind.

Lots of people are wondering why Sony didn’t just stick with Andrew Garfield’s Spidey. I loved Garfield in the role, but there was too much baggage already from those films to work into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And if they decided to reboot the series but keep Garfield it would’ve caused a lot of confusion for the “normies” in the audience (even though it would be for the better to act like Amazing Spider-Man 2 never existed). There’s no way Marvel would go through that many hoops to work Spidey into the MCU that way. Spidey wasn’t helping out in the battle for New York? Really?

Anyways, if you couldn’t already tell, the fact that Marvel and Sony have finally come to a decision over the casting for Spider-Man has made me extremely happy. I haven’t seen any of Tom Holland’s films, but hearing that he screen tested against Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans has made me hopeful that he’ll do a good job with the role.

But Holland isn’t the only new kid on the block for Spider-Man. Oh no. There’s also the director, Jon Watts, who’s helmed Clown, Cop Car, and literally no other cinematic endeavors. While that gives him one up on Amazing Spider-Man’s Marc Webb (who had only 500 Days of Summer under his belt before starting Amazing), there’s still some worry that he might not be the best choice to direct the film. But then again, with the amount of control that Marvel’s probably going to want on this film, I’m not surprised they got someone who they can boss around.

So here we are, on the dawn of another Spider-Man reboot. While it is insane that the character will have THREE restarts in 15 years, the sheer fact that he’ll be able to interact with other Marvel characters has me very confident in this reboot, and who knows, maybe it’ll convince Fox to play ball and let Wolverine pop up in Infinity War.


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