The Lethal Foes of Spider-Man

matthew-mcconaughey-osbornRumors are flying that Norman Osborne has been cast for the Sony/Marvel Spider-Man reboot, and the name being thrown around is one that I never even conceived of in my nerd brain: Matthew McConaughey. Now, as I excited as I am to get Norman Osborne cast in the new Spider-Man film, we’ve already seen him twice. I don’t think Marvel and Sony will bring out the Green Goblin AGAIN, but will probably tease Osborne’s transformation over the course of the new Spidey films. So, with Osborne serving as the shadow villain in my nerd brain, Spidey’s going to have to punch somebody. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few Spidey baddies that deserve a spot on the silver screen.

Kraven The Hunter3496002-3098255-kraven+the+hunter

Honestly, the villain I REALLY want to see on the big screen is Sergei Kravinoff, aka Kraven The Hunter. While Kraven could definitely go off the rails and be completely goofy if not done correctly, but he’s still one of the last big Spider-Man villains to be seen on the big screen and a villain that we haven’t seen before. The easiest way to introduce him would be to steal a page from Ultimate Spider-Man: Sergei Karvinoff is the star of a reality show similar to Crocodile Hunter, and he comes to NYC as a publicity stunt to “hunt” Spider-Man. You could even take a page from that run and have the first battle between Spidey and Kraven be over lightning fast, and a beaten and embarrassed Kraven starts messing with animal genetics to give himself heightened abilities. Grab Gerard Butler and slap a loincloth on him and start filming. As a plus, introducing Kraven also allows you to introduce his half brother, a Spidey villain who goes by the name of…


downloadThe Chameleon

While Chameleon is the first super villain to battle Spider-Man, he’s not exactly the strongest villain to carry a whole movie. But, if he’s either teamed up with Kraven or used as a minor plot point to get revenge on Spider-Man, he could be used really well. Hell, in this new reboot, you could use Chameleon as the character who assembles the Sinister Six (which Sony is still hell bent on making into a movie). In fact, that idea works so well that I’m shocked that it hasn’t been the rumor for this new film. Through his ability to disguise himself, Chameleon could work as a master manipulator, and while he could use those abilities to get the Six to form, it could also be used as the team’s undoing too.



Quentin Beck is one of the iconic Spider-Man villains. But that iconic look (the fishbowl) would be extremely hard to work on screen. But it’s not impossible. I mean, Marvel Studios has been able to make a lot of ridiculous costumes look great, and Mysterio’s could be pretty cool. Not only that, but like Kraven, Mysterio would be a good twist on a villain we’ve never seen before. From his abilities to his origin, he’s actually a great fit for the new Spidey films. He’d be a special effects extravaganza yes, but he’d also be a nice step away from the mad scientist gone awry that we’ve seen in nearly every Spidey film.


2971557-vulture_by_statman71The Vulture

Adrian Toomes has been a rumored Spidey movie villain since Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 was in preproduction. While watching Spider-Man beat on a geriatric in a green flying suit might look goofy, if the producers decided to focus on the version of Vulture seen in the more recent Spider-Man stories (or the one in Mark Millar’s awesome run), then Toomes could be an awesomely terrifying threat.





The Jackaljackal-fs

Suggesting Miles Warren as a villain for a Spider-Man movie potentially opens up a big old can of cloned worms, but Jackal is one of the more insane Spider-Man villains, and using his cloning abilities could be a pretty cool idea (if done correctly).   Hell, Warren could be working with Osborne trying to come up with a way to replicate Spider-Man’s abilities through cloning. Throw in his weird infatuation with his lab assistant Gwen Stacy and you’ve got a pretty solid villain on your hands.


Regardless of who Spider-Man battles in his next cinematic adventure, I’m confident that Marvel and Sony will put out a much better end product than Amazing Spider-Man 2. I can’t wait to see Spidey interact with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and when Spidey eventually teams up with the Avengers in Infinity War, my head will pretty much explode from excitement.



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