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suicide-squadA week after we got our first look at the new Clown Prince of Crime in the upcoming Suicide Squad film, we now have our first look at the fully assembled Suicide Squad team that will be appearing in David Ayer’s film. There’s Will Smith’s Deadshot, Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang, and most importantly ,Margot Robie as Harley Quinn.

Now I’m a huge fan of Harley Quinn, and I’ve been waiting for her to get her big screen due for what feels like ages. And now that we’ve finally got our look at the silver screen Ms. Quinn, I have to say I like it a LOT more than Jared Leto’s Joker. I’m pleasantly surprised that WB and David Ayer didn’t go with a super skanky look for Harley (which I think can best describe her early “New 52” look), and even though she’s got little booty shorts on, she’s more clothed than other popular looks for the character (but I’ll admit, I was secretly hoping for the classic Harley look from Batman The Animated Series). Of course, she does have some face tattoos like her beloved MR. J, but unlike that Insane Clown Posse reject, they’re not nearly as over the top.

Of Course, it remains to be seen how Robie will be playing Harley. I’m really hoping that we’re getting something closer to a “classic” Harley, and not the current Harley where she’s almost like DC’s Deadpool. Harley’s got to be unhinged, kind of dangerous, but also funny. Moreso than the Joker, she’s has to be able to walk the tightrope of being scary and harmless, but she also can’t be completely useless. If Robie and Ayer can make this happen in Suicide Squad, then they’ll at least nail Harley’s character, even if they’ve done a new take on her look.

This isn’t just the Harley show though. We’ve also gotten our first look at Will Smith’s Deadshot. In the group photo he basically looks like, well, Will Smith in some paintball gear. However, later on Smith revealed his Deadshot with the mask, and he looks pretty damn cool. The design is a lot simpler than the comic one, but I like it more than the previous Deadshot we’ve seen on Arrow (which may be a little unfair since the CW hit has to work on a TV budget).

Suicide Squad is going to be a tough movie for Warner Bros to market. To say that some of these characters are complete unknowns to “normies” is an understatement (I’ll admit, I had to look up two of the characters in the photo). But if they follow Marvel’s marketing with Guardians of the Galaxy, they might be able to pull off a pretty cool hit.

Getting rid of those damn Joker tattoos would help too.

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