On Leaks and Trailers

picstitchMy, my, my. What a week for nerd news. Not only have we gotten a ton of information on Star Wars The Force Awakens, Battlefront, and Rogue One, but we’ve also gotten a brand spankin’ new trailer for the upcoming restart of the franchise. Not to be outdone, we also got a look at Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice this week as well.

Actually, Batman V Superman was outdone. By Star Wars.

Now let me say this first: I’m excited about Batman V Superman. Unlike a majority of the Internet, I enjoyed Man of Steel flaws and all, and I’m eagerly waiting to see Batman and Superman meet on the big screen. I think Ben Affleck’s going to absolutely destroy as the Dark Knight, and I’m even okay with Snyder borrowing heavily from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns for his version of these two icons meeting for the first time. But the Star Wars trailer won the battle. My love for Star Wars is just as big as my love for Batman and Spider-Man, but after watching the Force Awakens trailer six times, I felt like I had no more nerd love to give to the Dawn of Justice trailer. In fact, the whole release of the Dawn of Justice trailer was, in hindsight, kind of a botched job.



Yes, WB had no control over their trailer leaking before their big IMAX event after the Internet breaking Force Awakens trailer, but they could’ve done something, anything, to keep the leak under wraps. Instead, they allowed the trailer to remain on websites for a whole day before director Zack Snyder released the “official” trailer on his twitter account with the hashtags “#notpirated #notblurry” attached to it. By the time this happened, everyone who would’ve watched the official trailer already watched the leaked one multiple times, lessening the impact that WB’s trailer would’ve had if they had put a stop to the leak the moment it happened.

The other thing that lessened Dawn of Justice’s impact was the fact that it was released the day after the Star Wars trailer. The Force Awakens trailer has been EVERYWHERE, and everyone is talking about it. If WB thought they’d be stealing Star Wars’ thunder, then they really need to think long and hard about their thought process behind the marketing of Dawn of Justice. There’s no way in hell that Force Awakens won’t be the biggest movie of the year. Star Wars is a religion to some people. It has arguably a wider fan base than Marvel and DC combined.



At the very least, it seems like WB will have something different planned for the fans who got passes for Monday’s big IMAX event. Hopefully they take a cue from the way Marvel Studios handled the big Age of Ultron trailer leak and present fans with a special scene, perhaps of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman or even Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. But at the end of the day, it seems like more people are talking about Star Wars than Batman V Superman, which is certainly something WB wishes was different.

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