All-New, All-Different Avengers!

standard_incredibleLeave it to Marvel to reveal the post-Secret Wars Avengers team months BEFORE the big mega event starts. Granted, this new Avengers roster is going to be featured in Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day issue that’s due in a few months, so them hyping it up now isn’t too crazy. However, I do think it’s a little weird that they’re going to use their FCBD issue to hype up something that will be hitting in September. At least they’re releasing a special Secret Wars comic to ensure new readers will be returning the following Wednesday for the start of the blockbuster event.

The new Avengers line up consists of the new Thor, Falcon Captain America, Iron Man, Vision, Ms. Marvel, Nova, and a Spider-Man who looks an awful lot like Miles Morales. All in all, I think it’s a pretty good team, and even though Axel Alonso is playing the “is that Miles Morales in the Spider-Man costume?” and “is that Tony Stark in the Iron Man armor?” game that annoys the hell out of me, I’m actually kind of excited for this new age of Avengers. While I haven’t read much of Ms. Marvel, I really like Kamala Khan, and I think it’s awesome that she, Miles Morales, and Nova will be on the team. Not only does it give them a chance to join up with the “big leagues”, but they also get to interact and learn from the more experienced heroes like Iron Man.

Of course, this kind of dashes my hopes for Peter Parker appearing as Spider-Man in the post-Secret Wars Marvel Universe. Alonso has said that Peter Parker will “definitely be around in the Marvel Universe” after the mega event, but unless he starts wearing Morales’ costume, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be swinging through the skies too much. It’s possible that Morales could start using a new superhero name, but again, it seems like Peter Parker is going to be playing an “Uncle Ben” role for Morales when Secret Wars wraps.

As much as I’ve enjoyed Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers mega run, I think it’s time for a break from the huge, world shattering Avengers stories. With Mark Waid writing the book, I’m hoping for a more fun and adventurous Avengers series. Hopefully there’s more room on the roster for this team, as I’d really like to see someone really weird on it, like Ghost Rider or Rocket Raccoon.

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