The Tangled Web of Spider-Man Post Secret Wars!

Amazing-Spider-Man-Renew-Your-Vows-2015-a906cWe finally know the story behind the Spider-Man Secret Wars tie-in “Renew Your Vows”. Now, it’s pretty much what we expected from the original teaser we saw, which had Spider-Man, Mary Jane, and their young daughter displayed pretty prominently. It’s going to feature a Peter Parker who’s reality is that of the pre-“One More Day” continuity, which means that he’s still happily married to Mary Jane, and even has a family. It’s also being drawn by Adam Kubert and written by current Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott, because who else would be bringing you this story?

Naturally, Slott has started the hype machine on this story, promising “certain elements from this story will carry over “into future Spider-Man stories after Secret Wars. Now usually I would balk at this claim, but Slott has actually followed through on many of his hypes, from Amazing Spider-Man #600’s new Doctor Octopus to Superior Spider-Man’ s trip into the future playing into Spider-Verse. But it doesn’t answer my main question: who will be Spider-Man after Secret Wars? A few months ago I would’ve guessed that Miles Morales would end up in the regular Marvel universe and be Spider-Man, with Peter retiring and serving as a mentor to Morales, simply because Marvel might have a loophole where they could use the Morales Spider-Man in their movies. But now, in a post-“Spidey in the MCU” world? Anything goes. There’s still the chance that my initial predictions could come true, but it might be changed now that Spidey’s allowed in the MCU.

But does Peter have to retire? Perhaps the new Spidey status quo won’t have Peter retire at all. It’s possible that we could still have Miles Morales as Spider-Man in a series that follows him in high school, and have a Peter Parker series that follows him either as a young married guy or new father. Both would not only make both camps of fans happy, but also put Spider-Man in the situations where he works best: ones where he’s not entirely sure what the hell he’s supposed to do. Being a teenager is a weird time, and I’m sure being a new father is an even WEIRDER time. It would be interesting to see Miles as a modern teen Spider-Man interacting with the world, and also seeing Peter Parker with a whole new set of responsibilities to deal with. It’s bad enough when an enemy that knows his identity goes after him now, but what if he had a wife (again) and kid? The stakes get raised considerably. Plus, Marvel would have TWO ”main” Spider-Man titles to sell and the opportunity to get more money out of my pocket with an ongoing Spider-Men series that could have the two team up for monthly adventures.

Spidey’s going to be in an interesting place this summer with Secret Wars, and I won’t lie, the uncertainty with the character after the big event is driving me crazy. Of course Peter Parker will be a part of the Marvel Universe forever, but in what capacity? Is he going to go back to being Spidey? Will he be a mentor to Miles Morales? Will he be Spider-Ham (probably not)? While I don’t have any of the answers to these questions, I know one thing: I’m definitely reading Renew Your Vows this summer, and pulling as many clues from it as I can.

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