Everyone’s Going To War

hawkeye-age-of-ultronCaptain America: Civil War is going to be a huge movie. That was pretty much a given seeing how successful Captain America: The Winter Soldier was commercially and critically, and by the fact that it’s the first Marvel movie featuring one of the “big three” to come after Age of Ultron. But with the recent news that Civil War will also feature Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye in the mix, I’m starting to wonder if there’s too much story for just one movie. This is the film that’s going to feature Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Winter Solider (assumedly), Nick Fury (assumedly), whoever Daniel Bruhl is playing, Falcon, Spider-Man (rumored), and now Hawkeye. It’s dangerously close to reaching Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice levels of character over saturation.

When Cap 3 was announced, we all kind of assumed that it would be a smaller film that would probably follow up on the Winter Soldier’s story. When it was announced as being Civil War, we were all interested, and not just because of the fact that it might be a little too early to start having Earth’s Mightiest Heroes throw down with one another. There were a lot of questions about what parts of the modern classic would make it into the movie, including who would take Spider-Man’s place as the secret identity martyr for the Registration Act.

Man, what a difference a few months make. Now we have Spider-Man officially involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he’ll make his big debut in an upcoming Marvel film. With Spidey’s huge role in the original story, it’s only natural that we’re all expecting his big Marvel introduction to be in Civil War.

But that’s going to barely be a cameo if Civil War plays out how we’re all expecting it to, and it’s possible that a lot of these casting announcements will just be quick cameos. But honestly, at this rate, it might be better for Marvel to just scrap the Captain America title altogether and just call this film Civil War. At least then we know it’s supposed to be a big ensemble movie like Avengers.

Marvel’s earned a ton of goodwill from comic fans and the general audiences, which of course gives them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to how they want to make their films. But there’s a small part of me that worries that maybe some of this acclaim is starting to go to their heads, and Civil War may be the thing that causes them to completely go for broke, which could cause the film to crash and burn. While a lot of people look at Winter Soldier as a sort of Avengers 1.5 film, it still had a lot of great moments for Cap and focused on him as the central character. By adding onto the already stacked cast of Winter Soldier, Marvel runs the risk of completely swamping the film with a surplus of characters that they don’t really need. Hopefully my worries end up being for naught, because I really don’t want to see Marvel drop the ball anytime soon.

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