The New 24!

dc-new-hed2-630x419DC’s New 52 is no more!

Well, not really. Instead, we’re going to get what comic publishers do best: a whole bunch of brand new #1 issues.

That’s right, after their big Convergence event, DC will release 24 brand new series that will reflect the “new DC universe” following the big event. Now some of these series are simply continuations of ones that came before, like Red Hood & Arsenal, while some are completely new series, like Black Canary.

And then there’s Bat-Mite, Prez, and Section Eight, three series that I have no clue how or why they’re on the new DC line up.

To be honest, I’m pretty okay with this news. There were rumors that DC’s post Convergence plans would involve a full scale reboot or undoing of the New 52, which in my opinion would have been terrible. The amount of time and work that DC put into creating the New 52, all wiped away? That would have turned a lot of people away from DC, myself included. This new relaunch keeps the most successful titles (both critically and financially) intact, but also gives the lesser selling titles a new chance at life. Whether these new #1’s will lead to the success that DC wants remains to be seen, but I’m glad that DC isn’t completely starting from scratch again.

Of the 24 titles revealed, there aren’t a whole lot that I’m interested in. To be honest, the only ones I’ll try out are Robin, Son of Batman (which is replacing my beloved Batman & Robin) and Red Hood & Arsenal, mainly because I read Red Hood & The Outlaws because of my love of Red Hood, and while I dropped the book over quality a long time ago, I’ve been wanting to catch up for a while now. Of course, Outlaws writer Scott Lobdell is also writing this new series, so we’ll see how long I stay on board.

While it’s a little confusing trying to figure out DC’s big post-Convergence plans (and that Marvel’s post-Secret Wars plans might be similar to DC’s), I’m happy that it won’t lead to a complete dismantling of everything that Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Brain Azzarello, and others worked so hard for to make the New 52 work. At least DC isn’t like Marvel, and relaunching every book every year with a new #1.


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