The Prodigal Spider-Man Returns

marvel-rumours-avengers-3Guys. GUYS.

Spider-Man is coming back to Marvel Studios.

Okay, so it’s not a direct ownership, But Marvel and Sony have cut a deal to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a move that proves that dreams do come true.

Now, Sony still technically controls all aspects of the Spider-Man movies (which unfortunately includes creative control), but this new deal is a joint one with Marvel Studios. That means that Spider-Man will appear in Marvel Studios films, alongside Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, and the rest of the Avengers. It also means that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures will be co-producing a new Spider-Man story that will hit theaters in Summer 2017.

Right now rumors are stating that Spidey’s first MCU appearance will be in Captain America: Civil War, which all but confirms that the role he had in that story may be the role he has in the movie version as well. They’re also looking for a new actor to play Spidey, so unfortunately, Andrew Garfield is out. This does suck, as Garfield was really good in the role, but if this is what had to happen to get Spidey in the MCU, then it’s something I can live with. Also, Sony having “creative control” still means that there’s potential for it be terrible, but Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is going to be one of the producers on the project, and I highly doubt he’ll let Sony try and pull another Amazing Spider-Man 2 on us.

So with a new Spider-Man on the horizon, what does Marvel and Sony do now? Lots of people want to see Miles Morales appear as Spidey in the MCU. While I like Miles a lot, I don’t think we’ll be seeing him just yet. It will be hard enough for Marvel to introduce the Peter Parker Spider-Man into the MCU, even though he’s had plenty of movies for audiences to get to know him. If Marvel went the Miles Morales route, they’d have to not only introduce Spidey in the MCU, but also find a way to explain why this Spider-Man isn’t Peter Parker, a move that could potentially confuse moviegoers even more than just putting a new actor as Peter in it.

I think the coolest way to introduce Spider-Man into the MCU is a way that has Peter first, and then Spider-men2Miles later on. Think of it like this: Peter is in Captain America: Civil War, and either unmasks himself like in the story, or has something terrible happen to someone close to him because of the registration act. The Spidey solo movie would follow the fallout of Civil War, and possibly ends with Peter discovering Miles Morales and passing the Spider-Man mantle onto him. Morales would then be the sole Spider-Man of the MCU until the end of Infinity War Part 1, where Peter Parker returns with the original Avengers of the MCU to help Morales and the new Avengers defeat Thanos.

Seems pretty simple, right? Which is probably why it won’t happen. I think Marvel will play it safe and just put Peter Parker in the MCU. Of course, they could still tease the existence of Miles Morales. A lot of this will probably come down to Marvel and Sony having to come to mutual agreements over a lot of the Spidey movie decisions (which may be easier now that Avi Arad no longer has any say in franchise). I’m sure it was hard enough to convince Sony to go along with this deal. I doubt Marvel would try and risk losing it all by trying to get Sony to commit to something that they might not have wanted to do in the first place.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Spider-Man is back in the MCU. He’s going to hang out with Tony Stark and Captain America, and (hopefully) team up with the Avengers. Now if we can get Jason Isaacs as Norman Osborn, I’ll be in heaven.



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