The Trailer Without Fear!

11958148The trailer we’ve been eagerly awaiting is finally here!

No, not Batman V Superman! I’m talking about the trailer for the upcoming Netflix Daredevil series from Marvel Studios! So far there’s not a lot to go by in regards to the plot, but we’ve got a great sense of tone for the upcoming series. For a while there, there was some confusion regarding what version of ol’ Hornheard we’d be seeing in live action on our screens in a few months: could it be in line with the Frank Miller version of the character? Or the Bendis/Brubaker run? Or would it be light and borderline goofy like Mark Waid’s run?



Well, judging by the trailer, it definitely seems like this series will be taking cues from the darker Daredevil runs. Whether that means we’ll see direct adaptations of the stories from Frank Miller, Brian Michael Bendis, or Ed Brubaker is still up in the air, but Charlie Cox definitely looks the part, and the brief glimpse we got of Vincent D’Onfrio as Kingpin was fantastic.

Even though we know the tone of the series, we don’t know what the show will be about. Will we see Bullseye? The Owl? Stilt-Man? Hopefully we will (especially when it comes to Stiltie). However, my big hope is a long shot, but if they pull it off, it could be awesome: placing Frank Castle as the big bad for Daredevil. Like Daredevil, The Punisher’s movie rights have recently been returned to Marvel, and since Frank has routinely crossed paths with Daredevil time and time again, it wouldn’t be too difficult to work him into the series.

Of course, if this were to happen, it would take an impossible amount of luck for Marvel to have kept it under wraps. While I don’t think it’s entirely possible, Marvel’s known for their surprises, and this could be a pretty big one.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ve barely seen Daredevil and I’m already freaking out over the possibilities. What I do know is that on April 10th, my free time is going to be spent with The Man Without Fear.

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