The Suicide Squad Supreme With A Mouth

suicide-squad-full-cast-thumbbannerWhoooo boy. What a week. Not only did we finally get confirmation on Benedict Cumberbatch playing Stephen Strange, we also got Kristen Ritter as our lead in Alias, Ryan Reynolds returning for Deadpool, and the entirety of the Suicide Squad, including Jared Leto as our new Clown Prince of Crime.

Of all of the casting news that hit last week, the biggest is probably the Suicide Squad one. Nothing against Marvel and their Doctor Strange casting, but Cumberbatch was all but confirmed about a month ago, with numerous outlets all but saying the deal was done. The same can be said about Ryan Reynolds’s signing on for Deadpool. Everyone pretty much assumed those two were playing those parts, so when the news was confirmed the other day it was exciting, but not as surprising as the news regarding the Suicide Squad cast.

And what a cast it is. Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robie as Harley Quinn, Jai Courtney as (Captain) Boomerang, Tom Hardy as Rick Flagg, and Jared Leto as The Joker. It’s a very impressive cast, and while some of the actors listed were rumored already, many of them are now cast in roles that people previously didn’t think they were up for. Many outlets were saying that Smith was up for Boomerang, and that Jon Bernthal was in talks for Deadshot. Whether that deal fell through or was never an actuality, Smith is now Deadshot, a casting move that has yet again caused a huge ripple throughout the nerd world. Why? Because Deadshot, aka Floyd Lawton, is white, and Will Smith is not.

Honestly, I don’t care at all, and I’m not just saying that to get hits on this article or to get a pat on the back. We’ve had black actors playing white comic characters for decades. Remember Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent in Tim Burton’s Batman? Or Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury, a move that’s become so popular that Marvel has changed the actual 616 Nick Fury in that horrible Fear Itself spin off book? It doesn’t matter. What surprised me most about Will Smith being in Suicide Squad isn’t that he’s playing Deadshot, but that he’s even in the movie to begin with.

But enough about Will Smith, let’s talk Jared Leto being cast as the Joker. Much like Smith’s casting, I’m shocked that Leto agreed to be in this film, which will probably include appearances in a least nine other pictures throughout the WB DC films. I’m really curious about how they’ll interpret the Clown Prince of Crime this time around. Will he be more dark and sinister like Heath Ledger’s Joker? A little lighter, like Jack Nicholson’s? Or will there be a whole new take on him?

My hope is that they take a page from the fantastic Arkham video game series, where the Joker is a major player. His characterization in those games is a perfect mix of every version of the character. Rumors persist that Joker will be the antagonist of the film, with “Task Force X” being charged with taking him out. I think this is a fantastic premise for Suicide Squad, and can’t wait to see Leto’s take on the character.

Another really cool thing about Suicide Squad is that this will be the first live action appearance of Harley Quinn. While it’s a bit of a bummer that she won’t be appearing in a solo Batman movie, I’m still excited to see one of my favorite characters on the big screen, and personally think Margot Robie’s an awesome choice (Wolf of Wall Street hits Netflix streaming this month, so you can check out her work now if you want).   Here’s hoping that they get Harley right, as she’s way more than just “Joker’s girlfriend”.

It’s insane that in one week we got all of this casting news. I know I’ve said this time and time again, but we’re really living in a golden age of being a nerd. Sure, we can complain about certain actors being cast for different characters, or immediately dismiss something as “crap” from stills and trailers, but honestly, isn’t it better to try and look on the bright side and hope that things end up okay? We’re getting movies based on DC villains, Doctor Strange, and Luke Cage. Did ANYONE thing that this would’ve happened ten years ago? I think not. Let’s try and keep that in mind while we wait for these films to hit the big screen.

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