The Force Awakens

x1626CROP_tea0050_PUB_2_35_noMB_16int.v07.4-1It’s here!

The first teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens has finally arrived, giving us our first glimpse into the film that will either restore the Star Wars franchise to it’s former glory, or make the fans of the original trilogy even more enraged. But enough chatting, watch it!

Okay, you’re back. That was pretty awesome, wasn’t it? Granted that was only a minute and a half, so it’s next to impossible to figure out what any of that has to do with the story of the film. In fact, the only thing that Disney has said about the trailer is that it’s Andy Serkis narrating it, not Benedict Cumberbatch (sorry internet). And while it’s weird that Han, Luke, and Leia aren’t shown at ALL, they have to save something for the first full trailer (or Superbowl spot).

But man, seeing the Millennium Falcon in flight again was so awesome. I was immediately transported back to my seven-year-old self watching the original movie for the first time. I won’t lie, I screamed out loud when I saw that (and the little soccer ball droid too). 

As expected, this trailer has already blown up the Internet, and much of the buzz has been positive. However, a lot of people x1331_tea0040_pub_still.v03.1-2have been discussing/complaining about the new lightsaber that appears in the film, being held by our new prospective villain (who may or may not be Girl’s Adam Driver). The best way to describe it is a lightsaber broadsword (or “Sithcaliber”). While I get why some people have problems with the design, I still think it looks pretty damn awesome. If I were to guess (and I’m going to), I think the two small daggers won’t be used all the time when the saber is ignited, and used as a kind of defensive part of the weapon. Think about it, if you’re locked in with an opponent’s lightsaber, you could hit the switch on those mini blades and potentially take out the other guy’s saber or hand. It’s a bit of a stretch, but it could work. Plus it looks friggin’ cool, so deal with it.

Another interesting aspect of the teaser is the appearance of not only Stormtroopers (with a new look), but also TIE Fighters. They have a blink and you’ll miss it appearance at the end (you were probably distracted by the MILLENIUM FALCON), but they’re there. Does this mean that the Empire is still around? Did the destruction of the second Death Star and death of the Emperor not work? Probably not, but if I could put on my prediction cap again, I’d say that the Empire is probably around in small pockets throughout the galaxy, and trying a last ditch attempt to restore themselves to their former glory. Just because the Rebels succeeded doesn’t mean that everything suddenly became all sunshine and rainbows.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m beyond excited for Episode 7. Honestly, I’m just excited for more Star Wars movies, especially now that George Lucas isn’t involved. While I’m not the biggest fan of some of the choices that the Prequels made, those movies were the stories that Lucas wanted to tell, and he had a right to tell them. But now that he’s done, we can have a whole new generation of kids fall in love with Star Wars, and give the filmmakers who were inspired by Lucas’ original film the chance to leave their mark on the galaxy far, far away.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go watch the trailer again and start prepping to get in line. Here’s another picture of the adorable soccer ball droid.


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