30 Seconds To Joker?

leto-joker-618x400Rumor has it that Jared Leto is being sought out to play the Joker for David Ayer’s upcoming Suicide Squad film. This news comes as a definite shock, not only because the Oscar winner was a rumored front-runner for Doctor Strange (a role that I’m not entirely sure he’d be a good fit for), but also because this is the first time the character will be associated with the super villain team.

When it comes to Leto playing The Clown Prince of Crime, I don’t have any real problems with it. I actually think he’d be pretty good in the role. However I highly doubt that Leto would do it. He’s pretty committed to his band 30 Seconds to Mars, so much so that he’s barely done any films for the past ten years. Hell, Dallas Buyers Club, the movie he won an Oscar for last year, was the first movie he’d done since 2009. It’s safe to assume that a role like The Joker would require a multipicture deal, which is something that I’d be very surprised that Leto would be okay with.

I do have to say that I have some issues with Joker appearing in Suicide Squad though, especially if he’s a team member. The Joker is known as being wild, unpredictable, and basically an all around non-team player. There’s no way he’d be a good fit for the team, even though they’re all criminals that hate each other. Not only that, but the driving force of the Squad is the promise that they’ll be able to go free after they complete a mission. What person in their right mind would promise the Joker, a mass murderer, to go free if he completes a mission (assuming that the Squad’s handler, Amanda Waller, expects him to survive of course)?

So if he’s not a team member, how else could The Joker work? Well, he could be used as the Squad’s mission, which could also explain why Harley Quinn would be on the team. I’ll admit it would be pretty cool to see the Suicide Squad going after the Harlequin of Hate, especially because it would put to rest all of the misgivings that I’ve previously mentioned. Of course, it would be a bummer to not have the new Joker pop up in a Batman movie first, but this would give the higher ups at Warner Bros an out if Leto doesn’t work as the Joker in Suicide Squad, or if he only wants to be in one film.

Also, breaking right now (as in as I type this) are reports of Margot Robie being cast as Harley Quinn for the Suicide Squad Margot-Robbie-Harley-Quinnmovie. Like a new Joker, I’d prefer seeing Harley make her big screen debut in a Batman movie, but at the same time, I’m very happy that she’ll be involved in the Suicide Squad movie, simply because I love the character. I’ve wanted to see her on the big screen for a long time, and people LOVE that character. It would be a very big mistake for Warner Bros to not include her.

In a lot of ways, Harley’s membership on the team makes more sense than Joker’s. She’s not as insane as he is, and in some cases could still be seen as a character that can be rehabilitated. It also might confirm my theories about the team being sent to take the Joker out.

As for Robie’s casting, I think she’s a great choice. She was very good in Wolf of Wall Street, and while it may remain to be seen if she can pull off Harley’s mannerisms, it’s not hard to imagine her dressed up as the character (actually, it’s too easy). I’ve always had a soft spot for Ms. Quinn (even though I don’t like her current series), and now the world will get to see why.

Of course, this all brings up and important matter: these are rumors that have yet to be confirmed or denied, and judging by the rule of me writing about it, the Leto Joker or Harley Quinn casting will probably be debunked by the time I publish it. But it also brings up the point of Heath Ledger’s Joker, a role that has become iconic since it was unleashed on the general public in 2008. Many people don’t want to see another actor take on the role, but like all things, we have to move on. The Joker is too big of a character to be chained down by one performer. Like Batman, the Joker strives on reinterpretation. Just look at the various different looks and takes on the character throughout his 75-year history. There isn’t one that’s exactly like the other, and everyone has his or her favorite version. And Jared Leto might just become one of them. Or maybe, just maybe, Walton Goggins could have his turn.

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