Round Robin

32255It’s been a busy week for Warner Bros. Not only have they released their slate of the upcoming DC superhero movies (leading into 2020), they’ve also potentially let slip that yet another superhero may be making an appearance in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: Robin.

Not just any Robin though. Rumor has it that we’ll be seeing Carrie Kelly, the Robin from The Dark Knight Returns pop up in the film, played by Suckerpunch’s Jena Malone.  If this is true, it’s another cue that Zack Snyder is using from Frank Miller’s classic to influence the film, and it also brings up a lot of different questions, like “does this mean there have been other Robins”, “is Batman REALLY this old”, and “Carrie Kelly, really?”

Now let me be clear on something: I’m not against a girl Robin, or even Carrie Kelly appearing in this film. But it’s really hard for me to hear this rumor and not immediately think “how are you going to possibly fit this into the movie”. Other than Jena Malone appearing in a quick scene, there’s no way she’ll be in this film for a solid amount of time, or even in costume. And if she is in costume, how are they going to quickly explain this to the average moviegoer? The general public’s knowledge of Robin comes mainly from the old Adam West show (and to a lesser extent, the Joel Schumacher Batman films), so if Jena Malone appears in the Carrie Kelly suit, I can bet we’ll have a lot of super confused movie goers wondering why Robin is girl.

But then again, the use of Carrie Kelly Robin in Batman V Superman could mean that this is a DC universe that has had multiple Robins in it. It’s already been widely believed that Nightwing might be a part of the WB DC movie universe (going so far as to being rumored to be being in the film early on), and it would be cool to have a world where Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and presumably Tim Drake have all been Robin, and have their own different views on Bruce’s war on crime.

However, Carrie Kelly being Robin brings more light onto the huge influence that the Dark Knight Returns is having on Batman V Superman. And while I think it’s a good idea to use SOME of that story as a basis for this movie, I still can’t help but feel that making a majority of the movie be focused around this one particular take on Batman is a bad idea. I like the idea of him being a little older than Superman, but at the same time, why make him retired, especially when we’ve already seen him come out of retirement in The Dark Knight Rises?

Of course, this Carrie Kelly rumor could be just that: a rumor. And if it is, that’s cool, because to be honest, the Robin I really want to see on screen is Damian Wayne. I love that little brat, and he would be a ton of fun to watch on screen.

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  1. I just want to know if the Jason Todd costume will be in the glass case in the Batcave.

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