Does Whatever A Spider Can?

Amazing-Spider-Man-2-webslingingAnother week, another Spider-Man rumor.

Marvel Studios has been having “talks” with Sony about using Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to IGN, these talks are in very early negotiations, and while it’s entirely possible that this could all fall apart, it doesn’t make me any less excited. After the heartbreak that was Amazing Spider-Man 2, really the only thing that could get me excited about another Sony Spidey movie would be if he was allowed to work with the MCU, and it seems like it’s something that Sony is open to.

According to IGN’s article, Marvel Studios really wants to use all of the Marvel characters that currently have films. Fox isn’t playing ball, but Sony appears to be interested, and seeing as how ASM2 was the lowest-grossing (and lowest reviewed) Spider-Man film, the only thing it can do is help the studio. While I’d obviously prefer Spidey being completely under Marvel’s control, this is a step in the right direction, and would be absolutely phenomenal if it comes to pass.

Just think about it. If this deal is true (and done quickly enough) there’s a good chance we could get a quick shot of Spidey helping out in a battle in Age of Ultron. He’d be CGI of course, but if I could get a scene of Spidey talking with Iron Man or Captain America and then saying “whoa” afterwards? Everything I suffered through in Amazing Spider-Man 2 would be worth it.

Why would Marvel want Spider-Man, you say? Think about it. While it’s true that Avengers has made Marvel a bazillion dollars, Spider-Man is still the more recognizable character. He’s the flagship character of the company. Let’s not forget too that there were plans to include the OsCorp building in the New York City skyline in Avengers, and the only reason why it never came to pass was simply because Sony wasn’t ready.

Of course a NEW rumor has popped up. One that makes me so angry that I’m not sure I’ll be able to string a coherent thought for the next few paragraphs.

The latest news is that Sony is looking to do a “soft reboot” of Spidey with Sinister Six. That’s right, a new actor as Spidey, who would allegedly be working alongside the Sinister Six to hunt down a larger threat.

This is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Assuming that Amazing Spider-Man 2 still counts in this “soft reboot”, why the hell would Spider-Man EVER team up with the Green Goblin, the person who killed his girlfriend? Yes, he’s done this before in the comics (see Mark Millar’s Marvel Knights Spider-Man run), but at least then there’s been years of battles and interactions between the two of them. In the new Spider-Man films, Peter and Harry (ugh) have barely been villains long enough to make this “team-up” work. Not only that, but you’re going to need to set up 4-5 other villains that we may not have seen before, AND run the risk of pissing off people who were expecting the Sinister Six teased at the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Despite the incredibly dumb idea of Spider-Man teaming up with the Sinister Six, if Sony is seriously considering rebooting Spider-Man AGAIN, they need serious help. Is it really worth it for them to put all of this money into making a new movie, buying out Andrew Garfield’s contract (he’s still committed to a third film), and spending another 200 million+ on advertising to maybe break even? After the box office returns and reactions to ASM2, I can’t imagine that Sinister Six will help them make more money.

Adding to this, the other part of this rumor is that Sony is planning on sitting on Spider-Man for 4 to 5 years after Sinister Six and trying to spin off other Spidey characters into their own franchises. Again Sony, you’re going to do all of this work to just let Spidey sit on the shelf? Really?

At this point, the best thing Sony could do is name a price for Spider-Man. While it would surely be astronomical, Marvel and Disney could easily make back triple what they spent if they were able to put Spidey in an Avengers film. I know I can’t be the only one who wants Spider-Man as far away from Sony as possible at this point.

Second only to the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man NEEDS to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’s an integral part of the Marvel universe, and including him with the likes of Iron Man, Thor, and Cap would only help Sony in their quest to make money off of their only franchise. Hopefully Sony and Marvel can make a deal, and I’ll get to see my favorite hero play with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, because I honestly don’t know if I can handle another botched take from Sony.

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