Captain America 3: Civil War?

captainamerica05My head just exploded.

If Variety is to be believed, Robert Downey Jr. is close to signing on to reprise his role of Tony Stark. No, it’s not for Iron Man 4. No, it’s not for Avengers 3 either. It’s for Captain America 3.  Which will allegedly have the subtitle of Civil War.

Yes, THAT Civil War. The Mark Millar and Steve McNiven event that actually did change the Marvel universe is coming to the Marvel Cinematic universe.  Now, at first I think this is way too soon. While the main three Avengers have all had at least 2 solo movies, we’ve barely seen The Avengers work together as a team to get the full impact of a Civil War film. That, and the fact that Marvel doesn’t have access to the amount of characters that were a part of the original 2006 event.

Apparently the rumor has it is that Captain America 3 will find Tony Stark serving almost as  a villain, and will go up against Cap over the Superhuman Registration Act. How far this goes remains to be seen, but how insane would it be if Cap 3 lead into an Avengers 3 that has our heroes fighting amongst each other? While it’s a bummer that that would mean  Avengers 3 won’t be an Infinity Gauntlet adaptation that I’m hoping for, it could mean that Thanos could be used as the being that brings the heroes back together.

This does also explain the recent rumors of Marvel wanting to get Spider-Man back. As long as they don’t decide to follow up Captain America 3: Civil War with a One More Day film I’m on board.  But for now, all we have is the speculation. Will this lead to Cap’s death, and Bucky taking up his mantle? Does this explain their weird news regarding a “reboot” of the Civil War comic that hit today? And does Marvel Studios even have enough heroes to make this movie have the same impact as the comic did? Only time will tell. Hopefully I didn’t throw all this up here for nothing.

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