The Sinister Sony

1835191-ece8d_spidey___black_cat_1___color_by_greatlpAnother week, another Sony Spider-Man rumor. Unfortunately for me, this one goes against the current crop of rumors suggesting that Marvel Studios MAY get the rights back. The latest news from Sony’s Spider-man “brain trust” has announced that they are planning another film alongside the in development Sinister Six and Venom (or should I now say Venom Carnage) movies: one that will feature, for the first time in a post-Avengers world, a female lead.

Now before I begin my rant, let me be clear: I’m 100% on board with a movie starring a female superhero. In fact, I’ve long been waiting for Marvel to finally announce a Captain Marvel movie, or for WB to finally get in gear and give Wonder Woman her own film. But Spidey, who I’ve already mentioned has limited characters who could support their own movie, has an even SMALLLER pool of female heroes that could get their own films. Really, only three come to mind: Black Cat, Silver Sable, and Spider-Woman. We can probably count Spider-Woman out, because I would assume that she’s under Marvel Studios’ ownership (she’s primarily been an Avenger anyways, and her resurgence in comics came after the original Sony Spider-Man films were under way).

So that leaves us with Black Cat and Silver Sable, two character that Sony will have a very hard time introducing to audiences without having them appear in a Spider-Man film first. It’s certainly not impossible, but Sony hasn’t been proven to have the best track record regarding Spidey of late, and this is coming from someone who really enjoyed Amazing Spider-Man.

“But wait”, you say, “Guardians of the Galaxy had no problem making money” and you’re right. But Guardians had the benefit of being from Marvel Studios, whose name is now almost as synonymous with quality entertainment as Pixar’s is. Sony has been desperately trying to make the money that Marvel is with their films, and they’re doing such a bad job of it that they’re making WB look good. Say what you will about Batman v Superman, but it seems to have A LOT more planning and consideration given to it than anything Sony has plans for. This “female led film” feels like one last desperate attempt to get a Spider-Man film universe off the ground.

Film studios want to make money off of the properties that they own. I get that. But Sony has really only come off as extremely greedy. This is the studio that predicted a BILLION DOLLAR gross for Amazing Spider-Man 2, a film that in turn ended up being the lowest grossing of the Spider-Man films, and a glorified teaser for their upcoming films (and not doing a very good job of it either). I refuse to give up the hope that Disney might be able to cut Sony a check and save my favorite superhero from another terrible cinematic outing, but the more time goes on, the less optimistic I get that it’ll happen before the Phase 3 Marvel films.


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