Comic Con 2014 Wrap Up!

comic-con_logoAnother San Diego Comic Con has come and gone, and with it comes a whole slew of announcements both movie and comics related. This year, I was surprised to see that a lot of things I was expecting to happen (WB revealing the cast of the Justice League, or Marvel telling us the actor that will become Doctor Strange) didn’t happen at all. Despite this, there were still plenty of announcements and surprises, to get our nerd engines running, and we’ll start with a pretty big one from Marvel Comics…..




Marvel’s Star Wars Comics1406404533000-Star-Wars-Vader-Granov-Cov

The move we’ve all been waiting (or dreading) has finally been announced: starting in January, Marvel will begin publishing brand new Star Wars comic books. So far Marvel has announced 3 series: Star Wars, Star Wars: Darth Vader, and Star Wars: Princess Leia. They’re all focusing on the same period (right after A New Hope), which is pretty surprising seeing as Brian Wood’s current Dark Horse Star Wars comic series is also covering that territory. But, Marvel’s putting out all the stops for Star Wars, and they’re starting by putting superstar writer Jason Aaron and living legend John Cassaday as the creative team for the book. Of course, I’m initially wary of having Cassaday on a monthly book, but I have no doubt in knowing that he’s going to completely crush it.

Now Star Wars is going to be cool, but I’m way more excited for Star Wars: Darth Vader. Written by Iron Man writer Kieron Gillen, this series will also focus on the aftermath of A New Hope, but from the perspective of Darth Vader. Drawn by Adi Granov and Salvador Larocca, the series will follow the Dark Lord of the Sith as he attempts to figure out how the Death Star could’ve been destroyed, and try to seize back the power he’s started to lose since the Death Star was lost. Gillen has described The Godfather and House of Cards as influences on his run, which makes me very, very excited.

Oh, and that Princess Leia miniseries? It’s being written by a little someone named Mark Waid and featuring art from Terry Dodsen. With this amount of talent being given to Star Wars, it’s no question that Marvel is serious about their Star Wars line of comics. As someone who was cautious about what they’d do with the license when they got it, I have to say, I’m pretty damn excited for January 2015.


wonder-woman-batman-v-superman1Batman V Superman and the Wonder Woman Reveal

All right, so Warner Bros. didn’t show us the full cast of the Justice League, but we did get our first real look at the DC Trinity, with the first image reveal of Wonder Woman. There’s been a lot of talk (make that complaining) online about her look, but I really like it. She looks like a cool cross between the current comic look of Wonder Woman and Injustice, and I have to say, Gal Gadot looks pretty badass in the pic.

Oh, they also showed some footage from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and yes, I know a guy who knows a guy, so I was able to see it…and it looks really, really awesome. Yes, Batman is wearing armor similar to the one he wears in the finale of The Dark Knight Returns. Yes, he’s lighting up a Bat Signal for some reason. Yes, I’m still worried about the final product, but you know what? I got actual goose bumps from it. After The Avengers, something I never thought I’d see happen in my lifetime, we’re now getting ANOTHER think I never thought I’d see in my lifetime: Batman and Superman, together on the big screen. At the very least, I’ll take solace in the fact that these two titans will FINALLY be on the same screen as one another, even if WB keeps making things more difficult for themselves than they need to be.


Marvel StudiosMarvel Studios Panel - Comic-Con International 2014

The Marvel Studios announcements weren’t anything all that exciting to be honest. We didn’t get a casting announcement for Doctor Strange. We didn’t get any announcements on any upcoming movies. But we did get Josh Brolin coming out on stage wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, which was pretty awesome. OH, and James Gunn has been tapped to write and direct Guardians of the Galaxy 2, a move that is pretty impressive considering that Guardians hadn’t even hit theaters yet at the time of SDCC.


So that’s about it. For such a huge event in pop culture, you’d think there would have been more announcements. Honestly, aside from Marvel’s Star Wars comics and Scott Snyder revealing that The Joker will be coming back to his Batman run, there wasn’t really a whole lot of surprising or exciting news this year. Perhaps we’re just burnt out on Comic Con stuff….or it’s probably more likely that there’s just not as much stuff coming out next year that was ready to be shown. I was hoping for some Star Wars episode 7 news, but I’m sure Disney saving that goodness for their own convention. At the very least, the few announcements that did get my blood flowing were pretty awesome, and will give me something to look forward to in the nerd year to come.

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