Who Will Wield The Shield….Again?

fal-capSo Marvel has announced that they will be replacing Steve Rodgers as Captain America….again. Yes, not even five years after Bucky Barnes was flinging’ the shield as the new Sentinel of Liberty it’s been announced that we’ll get yet another person in Cap’s suit, and that person is Sam Wilson, aka The Falcon.

This is pretty dumb. I won’t lie. Is Marvel that bankrupt on ideas for Cap that they’re going back to this well again? Did someone forget to tell writer Rick Remender that this has already been done before? I just don’t get the reasoning behind this upcoming storyline (other than the fact that everyone loved Falcon in The Winter Soldier, and Marvel doesn’t think he can carry his own series).

On the plus side, the set up for this new Captain America isn’t exactly like the one that Ed Brubaker did masterfully on his run. Apparently something will happen to Steve Rodgers that essentially causes his body to catch up to how old it SHOULD look like. So instead of looking like a guy in his late twenties/early thirties, Cap will now look like a guy pulling 90. Naturally, he can’t fight crime that well in this condition, so he’ll take more of a backseat to the action and instead be more of a planner behind a desk. Hence Sam Wilson stepping up to the plate.

That’s fine and all, but wouldn’t it be better to, I don’t know, not have mantle of Captain America be passed down yet again? While I don’t want to judge a story before I’ve read it, I highly doubt that it’ll be better than Ed Brubaker’s run.

Of course, I could be flipping out over something that won’t be a huge lasting change (this is Marvel of course). At most this “new Captain America” will last as long as the storyline, and by the time Avengers: Age of Ultron is in theaters we’ll have Steve back as Captain America. But as it stands right now, watching the Marvel hype machine try and get interest rolling, the only thing I can say is “really? Again?”. I hope I’m proven wrong, but I get the feeling that I won’t be.

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