Thor: Goddess of Thunder?

FemaleThorMarvel has dropped a pretty big pre-San Diego Comic Con announcement: Thor will no longer be a man.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Actually, it’s not true at all. Thor Odinson will still be a part of the Marvel Universe. However, he won’t be in possession of Mjolnir, the mystical artifact that gives its holder “the powers of Thor”. According to Thor: God of Thunder writer Jason Aaron, something will happen that will cause Thor to be deemed “unworthy” of wielding Mjolnir, and that honor will be bestowed upon a brand new female character that Marvel fans have never met before.

Naturally, the Internet imploded when this news first broke. Many online commentators falsely believed that this mean that Thor was turning INTO a woman. He’s not. In fact, he’s not even going anywhere. He’ll still be hanging out with the other Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but most likely with his old mystical Axe Jarnborn, which has been featured prominently in the pages of Uncanny Avengers.

So the Thor that we’ve known is going to be sticking around while this new female Thor is taking his place. Will every person on the Internet who freaked out read this tiny article and realize “my god, I was wrong”? Hell no. However, Marvel could’ve done a way better job of explaining this new status quo. Their press release starts off with “new Thor” with the picture of the new female character, but then doesn’t really explain how this character isn’t just a gender swapped Chris Hemsworth until mid way through their press release. Yes, they put the information in there, but how man people will read that far? They’ll see “new”,“Thor”, and the picture of the woman wearing Thor’s traditional costume and naturally assume that we’re getting Lady Loki again.

Of course, the flip side of this is people commenting on comic fans stating that this will only last “a few years”. Well, I hate to be blunt, but it will. Hell, it will be lucky to still be the status quo when Thor 3 arrives in theaters. Following comics for as long as I have been (and working on the retail side of comics too), I don’t even have to guess that this thing is 100% devised to boost sales. I won’t even bet money on Thor getting Mjolnir back in time for Thor 3 because it’s probably already being plotted as we speak. This is a comic, and it’s not surprising. It might not be what people who are excited about this new female Thor want to hear, but it’s true.

Remember Superior Spider-Man, and how “Peter Parker was never coming back”? Remember what was released TWO DAYS before Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released in theaters? Amazing Spider-Man #1, featuring the now living Peter Parker. Or how about Bucky Barnes’ stellar turn as Captain America? It was awesome, wasn’t it? Well, remember the series that was out in time for Captain America: The First Avenger? Yep, a brand new Captain America #1, featuring, you guessed it, Steve Rodgers back with the shield.

Yeah, it’s a bummer that Marvel is putting this much effort into a new female hero only to have this character basically be a placeholder for when Thor is deemed “worthy” of Mjolnir again, but if it opens up the Marvel universe to new (and even- GASP-Female readers), then more power to them. There’s no point in getting up in arms about this, because it’s a comic book series, and one that has a huge multimedia franchise built around it. No real change is going to happen to Thor unless Disney demands it.

I will admit I’m pretty intrigued by this new spin for Thor. It’s been a long time since Thor has actually had a secret identity (it seems to have been dropped for the past few years). Plus, it will be interesting to see how (and if) this character will interact with any other Avengers or Marvel characters. However, it does bring up some weird questions, like if this new character is called “Thor”, then is the old Thor still called Thor even though he’s not Thor (I’m aware of how weird that sounded)? What’s her relationship with Thor going to be like? What’s going to happen to her when the old Thor eventually gets Mjolnir back? Hopefully she’s not forgotten like other “new” Marvel characters like Arana, The Hood, and Alpha (actually Alpha can stay forgotten).

Do we have any answers to the questions I’ve just posed? No. But then again, Marvel’s not going to give them for free; they want you to buy the series. We just have to wait and see what happens when Thor #1 is released. But remember, it’s a comic book. Thor will get his hammer back in due time.

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