Comic Book Video Games That Should Exist

best-superhero-games-x-men-arcadeHow about that Arkham Knight game play video shown at E3? Pretty sweet, right?  Rocksteady’s new game looks like it’ll truly be the “ultimate Batman experience” that it’s being hyped as. However, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish that we had more comic book based games being thrown at us. Yes, there are quite a few that come out in a calendar year, but they’re not all great. For every Arkham game there’s four X-Men: Destiny being shoved at us. There’s a lot of awesome material in comics that video games haven’t touched yet, so let’s take a look at some that I think would be awesome to see on a PC or  console.


Batman-Arkham-Asylum-Villains-by-Carpe-iocus-32Batman: Reign of Arkham

Somewhat similar to Gotham City Imposters, Reign of Arkham would put you in charge of the Batman’s rogue gallery. Unlike Imposters though, I envision Reign essentially being Grand Theft Auto: Gotham, where players can take control of different Batman villains and wreak havoc in the street. Naturally, different villains would have different special abilities (like Poison Ivy would be able to slowly poison enemies, or Two-Face being able to cause double hit damage), and borrowing a page from GTA 5, you would be able to switch between 3 different villains on the fly. Just the idea of being able to start a turf war with Penguin as the Joker in an online death match makes me want to plop down my cash.



Think for a second how awesome it would be to step into the world of Saga. Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staple’s masterpiece is tailor made for an open world MMO, where players could take sides in the conflict between Landfall and Wreath, or even travel along with Alana and Marko. Saga gives us a few small glimpses into the world, and a tie in MMO would be the perfect way for BKV to fill in some back-story on the war and the other characters in Saga.








A lot of these games are for new ideas, but for the webslinger I’m turning back the clock 14 years. Yes, I’m talking about the original Spider-Man game that hit Playstation and N64 way back in 2000. This Neversoft game probably hasn’t aged well, but it was so much fun to play that it needs to have a next-gen reboot. Featuring a ton of Spider-Man villains and allies, there was a nerd gasm in every level. If it were released as a PSN/XBox Live arcade title I’d be in heaven.






Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3Ultimate_alliance

Seriously, where’s Ultimate Alliance 3? While the second installment wasn’t great, the Marvel Universe couldn’t be hotter than it is right now. Characters that were B-list at best have since exploded in the few years since the last Ultimate Alliance game, and they could even take a page from the upcoming DC Infinite Crisis game and incorporate alternate reality versions of famous Marvel characters. Tell me you don’t want to make a team of different Spider-mans, or have Old Man Logan lead your team of heroes into battle.








There has yet to be a good Superman game. Ever. The closest we ever got to a halfway decent one was The Death and Return of Superman on the Super Nintendo. But if there was ever a time for a developer to finally figure out how to make the Man of Steel work in modern video games, it’s now. Superman Returns almost got it right, but the game play got boring, real fast. I’d kill for the chance to be able to fly into orbit and then come back to Earth, soaring as Superman and helping people who need me. If there’s ever a time for a game to swoop in and make you feel like the Man of Steel, it’s now.

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