Arthur Curry, Warlord Of The Dothraki?

svb7-batman-vs-superman-introducing-aquaman-2After months of speculation and outright denials on his part, Jason Momoa has been almost kinda confirmed as Aquaman for Batman V Superman and Justice League. Yes, this is yet another addition to a movie that is already going to feature Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Alfred, Perry White, Ma Kent, and probably a lot more. Adding Aquaman to the mix makes me even more nervous about the final product of the film, but at least now I don’t have to worry about if Aquaman will be treated as a joke or not.

But…why Momoa? Is it because he was on Game of Thrones? If that’s the case, then why didn’t they try to get Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (aka Jaime Lannister), an actor who, you know, looks like Arthur Curry? Is Zack Snyder looking to make Aquaman more like a barbarian king, like Conan the Barbarian? Momoa did do a good job in the failed Conan reboot, and it would be an interesting take on Aquaman that would definitely silence the naysayers who would be immediately making fun of the King of Atlantis appearing in the film.

I will say that I like Snyder’s take on Aquaman’s involvement though. Having the King of the Seas take issue with the destruction that Zod’s World Engine left in the Indian Ocean makes sense, and would present him as an interesting foil to Superman. I won’t lie, I am excited at the prospect of seeing Aquaman leading an army of badass sea creatures on the big screen, but once again, I’m worried about the sheer amount of stuff that’s being thrown into this movie. I won’t list all of the characters again, but seriously, how is this all going to fit into one 2 and half-hour movie? Either the movie is going to be way too long, or each character will be in it for 10 minutes.

I’m all for WB building their DC universe (see my most recent post), but I’m worried that they’re just cramming too much into one movie. While Iron Man 2 was bogged down in Avengers set up, it didn’t feature Captain America, Thor, and Hulk popping in to say “hey”. Yes, Momoa will most likely pop up in BvS for a few minutes (probably in an after credits scene), but still, there’s a lot of characters for Snyder to juggle in this movie (It should be worth noting that Snyder’s Watchmen juggled a lot of characters nicely, so it’s not an impossible feat for the director. It’s just going to be extremely difficult).

Another thing that the Momoa casting news has me wondering about is the amount of villains in this movie. Wasn’t it announced a few months back that Batman V Superman was going to feature two Superman villains? Is that still the case? I’d be all for having just Lex be in the film and the main conflict being between Batman and Superman, but I get the feeling that we’re going to see someone else to devote screen time to, hopefully Bizarro.

Speaking of villains in Batman V Superman, recently there have been rumors of Lex Luthor’s look in the upcoming film. Early reports from states that Lex is going to have “long, flowing, dirty blonde hair”. Now, I’m not going to immediately freak out that Luthor isn’t going to be bald in the film (the reports are saying that this version of Luthor appears early on in the film), but I worry that Luthor becoming bald will become his main motivation for hating Superman. Lex is one of my favorite villains, but I despise the old origin where he hates Superman because he’s the reason Lex loses his hair. If that’s their reasoning for making him hate Superman, then I’m officially worried. If it’s lost in an experiment or something and he ALREADY has a hate-boner for Superman, then I’d be okay with it. I just hope the writers for BvS don’t go the easy way with one of comics’ best villains when it comes to his motivations.


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