The DC Cinematic Universe Begins….

DC_has_big_plans_through_2018_or_do_they__article_story_largeLast week word got out regarding Warner Bros.’ plans for their DC properties, and it’s pretty much what you’d expect, except for one dark and brooding exception. But before I get into that, here’s the prospective list leaked by former Deadline founder Nikki Finke (which is subject to change):

May 2016- Batman v Superman

July 2016Shazam


May 2017-Justice League

July 2017Wonder Woman

Christmas 2017– Flash/Green Lantern team up

May 2018Man of Steel 2

Three movies a year. That’s a pretty tall order, and more than what Marvel Studios releases in a given year. While it’s commendable that Warner Bros is finally taking advantage of the characters they have the film rights to, this alleged plan also looks like the studio is scrambling to catch up to Marvel and their mountains of Avengers money.

It’s really weird is that there’s no solo Batman movie. At all. A Batman film, even without Christopher Nolan’s involvement, would be a guaranteed moneymaker for the studio. I’ve heard a lot of people say that the reason there isn’t one is probably because there have so many Batman films created already. To that I call bullshit. The Nolan Batman films were massive, and created a huge impact on pop culture, but this is a completely different Batman from those films. Naturally, “normies” will assume that the Batman appearing in Batman v Superman is the same one from the Nolan universe (and before you say “audiences are smarter than that” I’ll say this: I work in a comic store, and no they are not). When Batman v Superman was first announced (and even TODAY), people were assuming that this would be branching off from those films. Putting a solo Batman movie on their release roster would not only solidify that this Batman is much different from the Nolan Batman, but also potentially give Ben Affleck the chance to direct a Batman film, which would rule so hard.

Despite the Dark Knight shaped hole in that list, I’m cautiously optimistic about these plans.  I’m surprised to see Shazam on the list and it now all-but-confirms which DC character The Rock will be portraying (and he’s going to kick a lot of ass as Shazam). It’s also really awesome to finally see Wonder Woman’s name on a list of potential movies, even if it’s after Justice League. Speaking of Justice League, rumor has it that Aquaman will also debut there, which isn’t surprising, but I’m still holding out hope for a solo movie for the King of Atlantis, because Aquaman is effing sweet.

It’s also strange to see Man of Steel 2 so far down the list. Why would you wait FIVE YEARS for a solo Superman movie? Isn’t Batman v Superman essentially Man of Steel 2? That’s what director Zack Snyder has been saying for the past few months now.  If anything, this makes me feel worse for Henry Cavill, who started out with a solo movie, and has now been thrown into an ensemble film with seemingly little to no input.

Really the only super weird movie on the list is the Flash/Green Lantern team up movie, mainly because Warner Bros is putting out a Flash TV show next fall. Now the smart move would be to have Grant Gustin appear as the Flash in both his own TV show and in Justice League, but I’m fairly confident that Warner Bros. won’t do that because A) they like confusing people, and B) it’s too easy. Not to mention the fact that including Gustin’s Barry Allen in Justice League would also mean that the masses would (rightfully) demand that Stephen Amell appear as Green Arrow, since the Flash TV show is a spinoff of Arrow.

And what about poor Ryan Reynolds? According to Finke, he’s not going to reappear as Hal Jordan, which I honestly think is a shame. Sure, Green Lantern wasn’t the DC film universe starter WB wanted it to be, but that’s not Reynold’s fault. Much like Ben Affleck and Daredevil, the sins of Green Lantern fall on the director’s shoulders (and the visual effects team). If anything, keeping Reynolds as Green Lantern would be a good thing, as it could boost sales on the Green Lantern blu ray and put more focus on that film.

So that’s our list of the supposed DC Cinematic Universe we’ll be seeing unfold in the next few years. Does it make me as excited as Marvel’s upcoming slate? Nope. But it does make me curious to see if they can pull it off. Like I’ve said before, competition brings out the best in people, and lord knows Marvel needs the competition. For now though, Marvel is still in the lead. Whether or not WB can take that from them is still up for debate, but at least they’re trying.

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