2014 Nerd Preview!

2014 is only a few weeks old, and now that we’ve gotten the best and worst of 2013 out of the way, it’s time to look at some of the upcoming nerd events for the coming year. From Ghost Rider’s return to comics to Spider-Man’s new big screen adventure, 2014 looks to be a pretty exciting time for nerds, even though 2015 is going to be the year the big dogs come out to play. But I’m getting way ahead of myself. Let’s take a look at the things that will (hopefully) be awesome this year.

Captain_America_The_Winter_Soldier_Teaser_posterCaptain America: The Winter Soldier

Since the first images of Winter Soldier made their ways online, I was very interested in the upcoming sequel. Now that I’ve seen the trailer, I’m even more excited.Captain America: The Winter Soldier has quickly become my most anticipated “phase two” Marvel Studios project (aside from Avengers 2 of course). From the looks of things, it seems like we’ll be getting more of Steve Rodgers dealing with the present day, and the glimpses in the trailer of Rodgers coming to grips with the modern way of “protecting” American citizens looks fantastic (tell me you didn’t pump a fist when Cap said “this isn’t freedom, this is fear” while talking to Nick Fury). Add in a supremely bad ass looking Winter Soldier, and I’m already parking my lawn chair at the local theater.

Ghost RiderAll-New-Ghost-Rider-Tradd-Moore-Cover-6c4ff

I’m not going to lie; I’m not a huge fan of a Ghost Rider series that don’t star Johnny Blaze.  While the newest take on the Spirit of Vengeance, now with a muscle car, is another example of Marvel taking an established character and “teening” them (see Captain Marvel and Nova for examples), the real reason I’m interested in this book is for Tradd Moore’s art. The Legend of Luther Strode artist is one of the most dynamic artists in comics today, and I’m certain his Big Two debut will be awesome. After a few months of doing Deadpool covers, I’ve been clamoring to see him on a high profile project, and the rough previews he tweeted out a few days ago made me hungry for more. Hell, maybe I’ll get lucky and Blaze will make an appearance as well.
3513729-all-new_x-men_22.now_cover“The Trial of Jean Grey”

All-New X-Men is still a great comic, but it’s starting to lose steam. Guardians of the Galaxy started out rough (and behind schedule), but has quickly started to become one of the more entertaining books from Marvel’s publishing slate. Putting the two together sounds insane at first, but when it centers on one of the greatest (and darkest) moments in X-Men history, it’s hard not to take notice. The survivors of the alien race that the Phoenix wiped out has learned that Jean Grey is alive, and they plan to put her on trial….even though this Jean is years away from being possessed by the Phoenix force.  This set up sounds too awesome, and I can’t wait to see how All New and GOTG writer Brian Michael Bendis plays with the two teams. Not only that, but both Stuart Immonen and Sara Pichelli are drawing the issues, so at the very least it’ll look pretty.
Amazing Spider-Man 2The-Amazing-Spider-Man-2-New-Poster-spider-man-35222096-1024-1421

Yes, I know. After complaining and worrying about how the Green Goblin will be portrayed, this makes my most anticipated of 2014 list?

Of course it does, it’s a Spider-Man movie.  Spidey is my hero. He and Batman are the solid rocks at the center of my nerdery. Without him I wouldn’t be the person I am today, so of course I’m seeing the new movie. Yeah, GG may be screwed over in this film, and yes, it does seem like there’s a LOT being promised here, but the scenes I’ve seen of Electro and Spidey battling are what I’ve wanted to see since the original Raimi trilogy. I’ve wanted to see Electro on the screen for a long time, and I still believe that Andrew Garfield is a far superior Spider-Man than Tobey Maguire ever was.  You all know I’ll be there for the midnight release. Just be prepared to either celebrate with me or console me afterwards.

batman_eternal_cover_art_a_pBatman: Eternal

A weekly Batman series sounds a bit much. But when that Batman series is overseen by Scott Snyder, with an opening arc drawn by the amazing Jason Fabok, you have my money faster than I can open up my wallet. With a writing team of Ray Fawkes, James Tynion IV, John Layman, and Tim Seeley all taking a part of the overarching story, there’s a lot of awesome talent on the writing side who will be giving Gotham City the fleshing out it has desperately needed since the New 52 relaunch. We’ll be seeing Batman rogues and allies that haven’t had the proper screen time in the past two years, or, in the case of former Batgirl Stephanie Brown, haven’t even made their New 52 debut.  There haven’t been any more announcements for artists other than Fabok, but his name is more than enough to pique my interest in this series.

Guardians of the Galaxyguardians-of-the-galaxy-zoe-saldana-chris-pratt

Easily the riskiest thing on this list, Guardians of the Galaxy has a lot to prove when it hits theaters this August. As the only non-sequel “phase two” Marvel Studios film, the success of lesser known Marvel characters on the big screen hinges on whether or not the average film goer will see a movie starring (a ridiculously buff) Andy from Parks and Recreation and a gun-toting space raccoon.

But…I’m really excited. Everything I’ve heard from director James Gunn sounds awesome, and the leaked Comic Con footage I saw was a blast. Yes, the fact that this team is getting a film over characters like Black Panther or Doctor Strange is a little weird, but it’s definitely going to set up a lot of things for Marvel’s “phase 3”.GOTG is a huge gamble for Marvel Studios, but it just might pay off.

Silver-Surfer-001-Mike-Allred-CoverSilver Surfer

The Silver surfer is a character that has for some reason seems to be a tough nut to crack. After the stellar miniseries Requiem, every subsequent attempt to give the character a new ongoing has failed. Hopefully that changes with Dan Slott and Mike Allred’s new series, which will follow Norrin Radd as he finds a new female sidekick to travel through space with him. Sound familiar, Whovians?

I actually really enjoy Allred’s art, and Slott has been killing it lately on Superior Spider-Man. but as good as he’s been destroying Spider-Man’s world, he’s only been writing Spider-Man for the past few years. I think it’ll be good for Slott to stretch out and tackle a new series, and I’m interested in this new take on the Surfer.

And who knows, maybe by this time next year Thanos will take over his body and start destroying space.
X-Men: Days of Future PastX-Men-Days-of-Future-Past-2014-Movie-Poster-21-650x962

Fox’s X-Men films have a varying range of quality. For every First Class or X2, there’s a X-Men Origins: Wolverine or Last Stand. After two great X-films (First Class and The Wolverine) the pattern would have us believe that we’re going to head into the suck territory with Days of Future Past.

However, all signs are pointing to something very cool. After being away from it for so long, I’m intrigued to see what Bryan Singer brings to the X-Men film universe, and if he can fix some of the things that happened while he was off having Superman mope. Putting the First Class cast with the original trilogy’s stars is extremely risky, but it could work really well. And for those complaining that Wolverine is the one going back in time and not Kitty Pryde (like in the original story), going by the film universe timeline, Kitty’s not even alive in the 70’s. It would be impossible to send her mind into her past body. Every time I get a little iffy about the movie, I re watch the teaser trailer and can’t help but get excited.

FOREVER_EVIL_2The Rumored Lex Luthor series from DC

My favorite moments in Forever Evil have focused on Superman’s nemesis and his team of villains. Watching Lex Luthor assert himself over characters like Sinestro, Black Manta, and Black Adam is awesome, and Geoff Johns depicts Luthor’s intellect and charm perfectly. With this in mind, there are rumblings that Lex will be getting his own ongoing series when Forever Evil reaches its conclusion this year. I know I’m not the only one who would read a series featuring one of the best villains in comics, and if it’s done right, it could be phenomenal.


Joe Hill’s novel Horns has had a movie adaptation that was in production for a pretty long time, but all signs are pointing to it being released sometime in 2014. I’m a big fan of Joe’s work (his recent novel, NOS4A2 is killer), and casting Daniel Radcliffe in the title role of a man who wakes up with literal horns growing out of his head should be very interesting. Hopefully Hill fares better than his father when it comes to movie adaptations of his work, and this leads to Locke and Key or Heart-Shaped Box finally hitting the big screen.

spider-man 1The Return of Peter Parker

I mean, he’s gotta come back this year, right? He’s got a movie coming out in May, and currently everything Otto has been carefully building in his new life as “Peter” has started to come crumbling down. So…all signs are pointing to the fact that he’ll be coming back in 2014…right? Right?


Yeah, we all knew it was coming, but tell me you won’t be picking up the first issue to see how Peter responds to everything Ock’s done in his name.Superior Spider-Man reinvigorated the Spider-Man franchise in a lot of ways, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Gone Girlrs_560x343-131227180413-1024.gone-girl.cm.122713

Gillian Flynn’s novel Gone Girl was one of my favorite books of 2013. It was intense, intriguing, and had a stunning mid book twist that left me completely flabbergasted. In all honesty, I couldn’t stop reading it. When I heard that there was a film adaptation in the works, I had to wonder: “how the hell is that going to play out as a movie?

While I don’t know how it’ll play on screen, I do know that with director David Fincher it’ll be interesting. The tale of Nick Dunn’s missing wife Amy goes in so many directions that it’s the perfect fit for Fincher, who hasn’t directed a feature since the American remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. With Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike perfectly cast as the two leads, and a new ending by Flynn, Gone Girl has the potential to stand alongside Fincher classics like Se7en and Fight Club.

downloadSomething, anything regarding Star Wars: Episode 7

I mean seriously. This thing is supposed to hit theaters in December of 2015, and there hasn’t been anything released about it. No casting announcement, no plot details, no final script (allegedly), NOTHING. I get that director J.J. Abrams is known for his secrecy, but come on dude, give us something. At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing was revealed as an elaborate hoax.

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