Comic Reviews: Origin II and Forever Evil!


Origin_II_1_CoverOrigin II #1 (of 5)

When I first heard of the announcement of Origin II, I have to admit, my first reaction was “why”?  Now that I’ve read it, I still feel that way, but do like the story within the shiny new Acetate cover.

Following the events of the original Origin miniseries, this second volume by Kieron Gillen and artist Adam Kubert follows Logan living in the Canadian wilderness with a pack of wolves. Fully given in to his animal nature, he hunts, sleeps, and lives with pack, accepted as one of their own. However, one day the pack notices a Polar Bear wandering the woods. Logan stays behind and observes the creature, noticing its movements and hunting patterns. After trying to help the bear by offering it food, he leaves the bear to its own devices. Of course, like all things in Logan’s life, this comes back to haunt him, as the bear eventually finds the wolves’ den and kills the entire pack. Distraught, Logan and the bear attack one another, and Logan eventually kills the beast, but not without succumbing to his wounds as well. After he wakes up, Logan realizes that he must move on and try and rejoin the world.

Kieron Gillen’s script, while light on action, definitely sets up the “man vs. beast” angle that has been done to death numerous times before in Wolverine stories. However, it’s done really well here, and even though there’s a ton of set up in this opening issue, I found myself really enjoying the story.  Even though it’s been years since I’ve read Origin, I didn’t have any problems jumping back into the mind frame that Logan was in at the time this story takes place.

Adam Kubert takes over the art duties from his brother Andy, who penciled the original Origin. I’ve always been a fan of both Kubert brothers, and this book is easily one of Adam’s best. He changes his style to be a little looser to capture the wild man status of Logan’s life, and his depiction of battle between Logan and the Polar Bear is awesome.

While I enjoyed this opening issue of Origin II, I can’t help but shake the feeling that this story may have been better served by being released as a single graphic novel. Of course, Marvel makes more money by releasing the single issues and then a collection, but by the time I was really getting into the story the issue was over.  As good as Origins II was, I have to admit that I’ll be waiting until the collection is released so I can get the whole story at once.



Forever Evil #4 (of 7)FOREVER_EVIL_4

Oh HELL. YES. After a longer than usual wait, Forever Evil’s fourth issue has arrived, and it’s awesome. Writer Geoff Johns and artist David Finch are in top form here, delivering the best issue of the miniseries to date.  Batman and Catwoman finally cross paths with Lex Luthor’s “Injustice League”, but before they face off, Power Ring, who’s leading a small group of villains to take out the remaining heroes and villains, interrupts them. What follows is a ton of jaw dropping moments, and a cliffhanger that left me salivating for the next issue.

Geoff Johns’ characterizations of the different heroes and villains are one of the reasons why this issue works so well. From Luthor’s smugness to Batman’s no-nonsense attitude, Forever Evil continues to showcase why Johns is one of the top DC writers. The interactions between Lex and his crew of villains is a ton of fun to read, and there’s even a touching moment between Luthor and his creation, Bizarro. Johns also shines some more light into the inner workings of the Secret Society, sowing the seeds for the eventual betrayal that Superwoman and Owlman are planning (or is Superwoman preparing to betray Owlman too?).  Not only that, but there’s such a great play by Batman during the fight with Power Ring that I actually cheered out loud by how awesome it was.

Also awesome in this issue? David Finch. I know, I know, that cover is HORRENDOUS. But this is a clear example of not judging a book by its cover, because the art in this issue is some of the best that Finch has done since his start at DC. Seriously, there’s not a bad panel in the whole book. I don’t know what kind of change has happened with Finch between this issue and the last one, but I like it.  If every issue has to be delayed to look this good, then I’m a-okay with it.

Forever Evil is really starting to ramp up, and while I haven’t been picking up any of the Justice League tie-ins, I may start doing so (especially if this issue’s cliffhanger is picked up on in Justice League). There are a lot of really awesome moments in this issue, and following Lex Luthor around has been an absolute blast.  I can’t wait for the next issue.

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