Goblins At The Gate


That’s really my only reaction to the image of Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Green Goblin, who can be seen on the just released poster for the film. The Billy Idol on a hover board look makes the villain look more like a rejected TRON bad guy and less like the worst threat that the web slinger has ever faced. Once more, it seems like the producers, or director Mark Webb, decided that this look was better than anything else the design team could come up with, much like what happened with Sam Raimi’s Power Ranger looking Goblin (take a look at this YouTube clip and weep).

While I may not be overly thrilled with the flying Labyrinth reject, there are other rumors that continue to deflate my excitement for the sequel. Namely being the rumor that Harry Osborn (played by Dane Dehaan), and NOT his father Norman (who will be played by Chris Cooper), will be the first Goblin. And when one looks at the close up images of the new Green Goblin’s face, it all but confirms that Harry will be whipping around the skies on his glider before his father does (if he ever gets too).

Before I go completely overboard, there are ways this could work, and I know I’m jumping the gun here and judging this character and decision before I see the movie (I’m sure the irony in this is not lost on the people who questioned my defense of BatFleck). The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon from a few years ago did a fantastic job of keeping the real identity of the Green Goblin a mystery. Initially we had seen s Harry removing the mask, only to find out that Norman had been using his son as a scapegoat for the Goblin’s crimes. No one would know who was under the mask at any given moment, which allowed Norman to completely remove any doubt that he’s the Goblin, should he ever be caught.

There’s a chance this could be the focus for the new series of films as well. Chris Cooper is too big of a character actor to be thrown away in one movie, and Amazing Spider-Man set up the idea that Osborne is slowly dying. Perhaps he tests the Goblin formula on Harry to see its effects before he injects himself? It’s certainly a possibility, and would technically still have Norman be behind the scenes.

Dane DeHaan blew me away in Chronicle, so I have no doubt he’ll make a great Green Goblin. Chris Cooper is an awesome actor in general, and I can’t wait for his take on Norman. I just wish the filmmakers had kept with the original order of the character. Of course, it’s understandable that they would change it up, as the original Raimi trilogy already covered the Norman and Harry becoming Green Goblin story. It may not have been great, but it’s there, and the decision to switch the order probably came from the fact the filmmakers need to differentiate this movie series from the previous one.

While these rumors and alleged changes to the Green Goblin have made me upset, at the end of the day, there’s not a whole lot I can do about it. I could go on for pages about “what I would do if I made a Spider-Man movie”, or “here’s what I think the Goblin should look like” or  “would it have killed them for SOME purple?” but I’m not a film maker. I’m just a guy who loves Spider-Man too much that doesn’t want to see him get tarnished (again).

It’s just very disappointing because I was very excited for this sequel, and now I am less so. I’ve already had to defend Amazing Spider-Man to nearly everyone I know, and I really don’t want that to be the case with this installment too. I just want my favorite superhero to be treated the right way on the big screen. Hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised if the Harry as the Goblin rumor is proven true.

And at the very least, it can’t be as bad as Spider-Man 3, can it?


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