Batman vs. Superman vs. Wonder Woman vs. Nightwing vs.

Superman-Batman-and-Wonder-WomanWhen the upcoming Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman/ whatever it’s going to be called was first announced back at Comic Con, I lost my mind. To say I was excited to see something I’ve wanted to see on the big screen since I was first cognizant of the fact that Batman and Superman exist in the same world is an understatement.  It seemed that Warner Bros finally, FINALLY realized how to integrate their DC Comics properties into a shared universe like Marvel Studios’. As one of the few people who enjoyed Man of Steel despite its flaws, I was ready to see the two biggest characters in comics throw down on the big screen. Hell, I’m even excited for Ben Affleck to play Batman.

But now….my excitement is waning, and it’s not due to superhero movie fatigue. No, it’s from the countless rumors of the characters that could appear in biggest team-up aside from Avengers: Age of Ultron.

So far there have been rumors of Wonder Woman and Nightwing making an appearance. Now, usually I’d be all for this, but for a movie that needs to introduce Batman into the Man of Steel universe, introduce Lex Luthor, react to the destruction of Metropolis, AND continue to shepherd Clark Kent into becoming the hero he will be become, it seems like too much. Remember X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which promised Deadpool, Wraith, Blob and Gambit? Those roles were glorified cameos. As awesome as it would be to have Nightwing pop in, it could feel extremely out of place, not to mention the fact that the “normies” in the audience would have no idea who he is.

Warner Bros is certainly seeing green when it comes to their rival Marvel Studios. It seems like no matter what Marvel says or does it’s met with a positive response, while WB’s plans for a shared universe seem….nonexistent, really. They have a hit show on the air (the phenomenal Arrow) yet they refuse to have that be a part of the Man of Steel universe. In fact, they seem to be directly contradicting it by introducing the Flash on Arrow, and stating that he’ll be different from the one that will eventually appear in Justice League. At this point there’s nothing WB could do with their properties that wouldn’t make people accuse them of ripping off Marvel Studios, so they should just copy and paste the Marvel movies!

Think about it.Man of Steel is their Iron Man, which sets up the current universe and what they want to achieve. Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman is their Iron Man 2, which expands on the shared universe, but hopefully in a more balanced way than that film did.  Flash could be their Incredible Hulk, which could serve as its own film but connected to a larger whole. Wonder Woman is their Thor. Swap Asgard for Themyscrya, Norse mythology for Greek, and have Diana on Earth interacting with government agent Steve Trevor instead of Thor and Jane Foster. DONE. As for their Captain America? Batman, minus the original movies and preferably based on “The Court of Owls” storyline.  Have either Cyborg or Aquaman introduced in Justice League, where Darkseid attacks Earth, and sit back and collect the money.

See what I just did there WB? I just inserted your characters into the Marvel Studios mold. Yes, everyone will say that you blatantly ripped off a pre-existing formula, but many people will say that anyways. Besides, there will be plenty of hardcore DC fans who will say that you guys did it better.

Warner Bros, I feel you. It’s hard to sit back and watch someone make money easily and have you struggle to figure out what to do with something that could be just as successful.  But rushing into a Justice League film is not the way to go. The reason why Avengers did so well was because Marvel Studios had a long-term plan and stuck with it. They didn’t use the success of Iron Man to cram 4 additional characters into the sequel; they picked who would work best as supporting characters or leading ones. I’d like nothing more than for Marvel to have some competition in the big-budget superhero tent pole film department, but WB’s not going to get there if they don’t step back and be patient. I don’t usually say this, but I think it’s important that WB listen to the online feedback from these rumors. It may be the one time that Internet comments could help a film.

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