Comic Reviews: Justice League and Deadpool!


 JLA_Cv7_R1_ujwy76ywta_Justice League #23

 “The Trinity War” has reached its conclusion, and I have to say, it certainly goes out with a bang. While some will have some gripes that this event merely served as a way to launch next month’s “Forever Evil” event, Justice League #23’s final installment in the mystery of Pandora’s Box is extremely entertaining and has me genuinely excited for next week’s Forever Evil.

Picking up immediately from last week’s Justice League Dark #23, the three Justice Leagues have reconvened in Athens at the Temple of Hephaestus.  While there, the heroes all fall prey to the influence of Pandora’s box, causing an amazing all out brawl between the three teams.  The motivations behind the attacks isn’t just due to the box making them “bad”, but from the secrets each hero is hiding from the other: Steve Trevor refuses to help the dying Superman because he’s holding a grudge for Wonder Woman ditching him for Supes, and Superman attacks Batman because he believes that Batman is trying to steal Wonder Woman from him. The list goes on, and it’s really cool to see these feelings come from the DC heroes, who by and large have always been depicted as, well, perfect.

There are quite a few surprises that happen in this issue as well.  I won’t spoil them here, but those thinking that they know how this book will play out since DC spoiled the big reveal a few weeks ago will have plenty to say “WWHHHAAA” about, especially when they get to a scene involving Cyborg. Credit definitely goes to Geoff Johns on this one, who has turned in some of his finest storytelling with this issue. From building up to Forever Evil to giving us some back-story on the big bad who was behind the entire “Trinity War”, Johns presents memorable moment after memorable moment.

Of course, those moments would be nothing without penciler Ivan Reis. There are numerous jaw dropping pages peppered throughout this issue, from the amazing image of the heroes preparing to launch an attack on John Constantine, to the epic two-page splash of the three Leagues battling one another. Hands down, this issue serves as a testament to why Reis is one of the top talents not only at DC, but in comics too.

For an event that was teased last summer (in the special New 52 Free Comic Book Day issue), it’s incredible that “Trinity War” was as good as it was.  Thankfully, it doesn’t end like the other FCBD teased event (COUGH Age of Ultron COUGH), and it gives us not only a conclusion for the Pandora’s box story, but also sets the stage for Forever Evil perfectly. While I wish I didn’t know the outcome of this story so far in advance, I still enjoyed this issue and event.


Deadpool #15download

 Just when I was thinking of dropping Deadpool from my pull list, along comes Deadpool #15 to pull me back in. After the boring devil storyline and another flashback issue, (unlike most of the internet, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of them), the latest story arc from writers Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan has the Merc with a Mouth attempting to figure out why his former Weapon X tormentors are following him.  Of course, he decides to go get some help, which leads to my favorite use for Deadpool: interactions with other heroes. This time our victims are Wolverine and Captain America; two former government experiments that Wade Wilson believes can help him out.

Posehn and Duggan’s script keeps the action and mystery going, from the mysterious “Butler” who’s keeping someone on ice until he use Deadpool’s healing factor to cure their cancer, to the awesome twist that comes at the issue’s end. More entertaining, however, are the scenes with Deadpool bothering Wolverine and Captain America.  His scenes with the two heroes are exactly why I find Deadpool so entertaining: he’s such a colossal psycho, but doesn’t see himself that way. In his eyes, he’s just as good as Captain America. Their conversation in the middle of a battlefield is the highlight of the issue, and Cap actually gives Wade some legitimately good advice that Deadpool, of course, completely misinterprets.

Declan Shavey handles the art duties in this issue, and his work is a ton of fun. There’s a dynamic to his pencils that works really well with the tone of this book, and his action scenes as the end are extremely well done and fluid. If you were thinking of dropping Deadpool, or wanted to give it a shot, Deadpool #15 is the perfect place to start (or restart) your adventures with the Merc With a Mouth.

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