Bring On the Bad Guys

foreverevilIt’s been two years since DC’s big reboot, and like last September’s “zero issues”, the Warner Bros. owned company wants to celebrate. However, instead of filling us in on the new origins of the heroes, this time they’re shining the spotlight on the villains. Spearheaded by the seven-issue event Forever Evil, the company plans to shed some light into the dark side of the DC universe, with each character’s villains taking over their respective adversaries’ title for special one-shot issues.

As a fan of villains like The Joker, Black Adam, and Lex Luthor, I’m pretty excited for this event. As someone who’s always mindful of my comic book budget (something that’s always being stretched to its limit), I’m bummed. Some titles have up to four one-shot issues, and while I know I don’t have to buy all of them, I’m surprised by DC’s decision to release so many, especially at $4 a pop. Four of the five-major Batman books have four each, as well as four for the two Superman titles (Superman Unchained has yet to have a tie-in announced). That’s an additional 20 books added to the books that DC will be publishing. That’s a hell of a lot of books to put out in one month.

Of course, there’s always the chance that these books will be in place of the regularly scheduled DC books. If this is the case (which it probably is), then I’m completely okay with having this many DC books released in September. I’m not crazy about the “.1” numbering (something that Marvel finally got rid of a few months ago), but at least I can pick and choose which villains I really want to read from the books offered.

In addition to these one-shots and the Forever Evil miniseries, there will also be three spin-off series: Rogues, focusing on the Flash’s villains; Arkham War, which will feature the Batman villains; and A.R.G.U.S., which will feature Steve Trevor investigating the shady government agency. Of these three I’m obviously most interested in Arkham War, which had my money before I learned that Peter J. Tomasi was writing it. Batman has arguably the greatest roster of villains in comics, and I hope to see them argue and fight amongst themselves in the series.

I’m still in “wait and see” mode on Forever Evil, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t optimistic about the event. Sure, the 3-D motion covers is a gimmick that teeters dangerously close to the holofoil wasteland that was the 90s’, but the fact that I’ll get a few issues where I can fully dive into some excellent villains is too good to pass up. I’ll just have to start putting money aside now so I can get them all.




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  1. Can I argue for the (old) Rogues, the Flashes group is so much more fun than Bat’s rogues. But we can always agree to disagree. I really don’t like the .1 issue numbers either. Never understood it when Marvel was doing it (and missed some books because of it).
    Lets hope this mini series has a start, middle and actual ending. I’m all for continuing stories but a miniseries that fizzles is not fun to spend money on.

    And I’m completely with you on the whole comic book budget being stretched thin…. mine broke and went out the window years ago.

  2. Well, to be completely honest, I’ve never read a single Flash book outside of his JLA appearances. The Geoff Johns stuff is on the “to read” list though haha.

  3. dude, really? Put the Wally West series at the top of your reading pile! haha. Good stuff. All of it. Part of it. Up until Barry came back really….

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