Comic Reviews: Superior Spider-man and Aquaman!


superior1Superior Spider-Man #9

The battle Spidey fans have been waiting for finally happens this issue, as Peter Parker and Otto Octavius battle for the body of Spider-Man! Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman bring the pain both physically and emotionally for the two, and the finale will definitely be a talking point for fans of the series (which I’ll keep SPOILER FREE for all of you).

Dan Slott’s script is on fire here, moving past a simple “you stole my body” approach, as both Peter and Otto are presented in equally favorable and unfavorable lights. Of course, you naturally side with Peter, but Octavius brings up a very good point towards the end of the issue that just barely makes you come around to his side, if only for a few moments. I can’t believe I actually agreed with Ock, even for those few seconds.

Ryan Stegman returns to Superior this issue, and he’s just as fantastic as he was when the series started. The “dreamscape” of Peter’s mind is rendered beautifully, as are the members of Spidey’s long history who pop in and out. There’s easily 5 pages in this book that  I would kill to have the original art of, and I hope that Stegman stays on the book for a little while longer than the last time he drew OckSpidey.

Superior Spider-Man will make some people mad. It lives up to the hype of being a pretty big game changer, and does make you reconsider how long this whole “Doc Ock in the body of Spider-Man” plot will last. I for one am still enjoying the ride Slott is taking us on, and with the knowledge that Amazing Spider-Man 2 is currently filming, Peter Parker’s return is inevitable.


Aquaman #19Aquaman_Vol_7-19_Cover-1_Teaser

Aquaman’s 19th issue isn’t quite as up to par as the previous 18, but it’s a well-deserved breather to set up some things to come. Still dealing with the fallout of the “Throne Of Atlantis” crossover, Arthur Curry is settling into his new status as the King Of Atlantis and ruling over a kingdom that doesn’t trust anything he says. Geoff Johns takes the issue to flesh out some of the new characters we were introduced to during “Throne” and the previous issue, and introduces us to a really cool supporting player who’s bound to play a bigger role down the line.

Paul Pelletier’s art is fantastic, and keeping in line with the recently departed Ivan Reis. The opening pages of Aquaman summoning an ancient Chthulu-like sea monster were stunning, and sells home the point even more of how underrated Aquaman is. At this point you’re either on the Aquaman train or you’re not, and if you’re one of the latter, you’re really missing out.


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