Comic Reviews: Daredevil and Masters Of The Universe!


imagesDaredevil #25

Matt Murdock finally confronts the man behind the new radar powered criminals in this month’s Daredevil #25, which is another dynamite issue from writer Mark Waid and artist Chris Samnee. Face to face with new villain Ikari, Matt Murdock engages in one of the most vicious fights he’s had in the series, and barely walks away from it in one piece. Wrapping up the mystery of the rash of criminals that have the same abilities as Daredevil, this issue is one of the best of Waid and Samnee’s run, and solidifies why  Daredevil is one of my top comics currently published.

Mark Waid can seriously do no wrong. Between this and Indestructible Hulk, I wonder if the man made a pact with the devil to be able to hit it out of the park month in and month out. He paints a Matt Murdock who is both confident in his abilities, but also quick to anger, like when he first encounters Ikari, who is wearing one of Murdock’s father’s old boxing robes. The action comes fast and heavy, and the way Waid describes both participants’ injuries makes you wonder how either one can possibly still be awake, let alone able to put up a fight.  The shocking development that occurs just when you think Daredevil has the upper hand took me completely by surprise, and it’s safe to say that Daredevil certainly has his work cut out for him if he’s going to take on Ikari and his employer.

Chris Samnee, fresh off his Eisner nomination (for this series no less), is amazing this issue. Those who think that his cartoony style can’t depict a violent fight scene need to check this issue out, as there were moments in DD and Ikari’s fight that had me wincing. Samnee perfectly captures the desperation on Murdock’s face towards the end of the issue, and leaves the hero broken, battered, and bruised.

Daredevil #25 is a fantastic issue, and perfectly highlights why this book is so beloved. We all know that the best Daredevil stories have taken Murdock rock bottom and had him fight his way back, and Waid and Samnee look to be bringing us another DD tale to stand alongside those.


He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe #1HE-MAN_MOTU_Cv1-asmxfrt72r

Following the surprisingly awesome six issue limited series, DC now brings us a Masters of the Universe ongoing. Taking place exactly where the conclusion of the mini left us, Eternia is enjoying a moment of rare peace. The city is free from Skeletor’s reality altering spell and looking to commemorate the lives that they lost, namely the Sorceress. However, that peace is soon shattered when Despera, the evil lord Hordak’s right-hand woman, arrives with her army to enslave the kingdom. He-Man charges into action with Teela, and after a quick battle with Despera, her helmet is removed, revealing a very surprising person underneath.

I really wanted to love this first issue, but after reading it I just feel okay about it. I loved the miniseries that came before it, but something just feels “off” about this opening issue. It’s a shame, cause I really enjoyed the banter that writer Keith Giffen inserted into Prince Adam and Teela’s relationship, and artist Pop Mhan’s look for Hordak is awesome, but I felt the reveal at the end of the issue fell flat with me, and I don’t feel very inclined to pick up the next issue. Perhaps the problem lies with the fact that many famous MOTU villains are nowhere to be found (I do love me some Skeletor), or that not a whole lot really happens in this issue. I’ll definitely pick up the second issue, but I hope it does more to convince me to add this to my pull than this issue did.


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