Star Tr-I Mean, Wars!

jj-abrams-star-warsIt’s official: we have a director for the Star Wars: Episode 7. A very well-known name in entertainment, he’s already proven himself with one highly successful television show and rebooted a beloved franchise for a whole new generation. Months ago, he made a public announcement that he was NOT going to be involved in this new trilogy, but apparently, he was either lying to us, or making sure that he wouldn’t be asked about it at every interview he gives.

This man is J. J. Abrams.

The most creative (and secretive) man in Hollywood has just accepted the keys to the Millennium Falcon, and I couldn’t be happier. This is the best-case scenario Star Wars could have gotten, and to be honest, I’m still taken aback that it’s happening. After the news broke Thursday, I checked multiple websites for hours afterwards, hoping against hope that there wouldn’t be an announcement that it was a hoax. The man who made me excited for Star Trek and is currently wowing me with Lost (yes, I’m watching it for the first time) is the best man for this job, and while it does put a giant question mark on the future of Kirk and his crew, there’s still no confirmation from either Lucasfilm or Bad Robot confirming this deal. For all we know, Abrams could only be helming Episode 7, and Disney could be shopping out the sequels to other high profile directors.

If it turns out that Abrams will be handling only Episode 7, then it’s conceivable that he may continue on helming Star Trek, but if I remember correctly, Abrams had said many times in the press lead up for Trek that he was always more of a Star Wars fan growing up. It’s pretty clear that many of the reasons why the 2009 reboot was so much fun was due to Abrams taking the fun feeling of the original Star Wars trilogy and putting it into that universe. If anything, he’ll probably stay on as a creative consultant/executive producer, much like he does with the Mission: Impossible series. Hell, maybe he can get Brad Bird to handle Star Trek 3. It worked for Mission: Impossible 4.

Yes, it sucks for Paramount and the Star Trek franchise to see Abrams go, but to be honest, I’d much rather have J.J. handling Star Wars. He’s a huge fan of the series, and has proven that he can make fantastic, crowd-pleasing films. This move also gives me a huge amount of confidence in Disney with the handling of this franchise. So far they’ve made all the right moves. In fact, it’s almost like they actually read the comments to the news of their acquisition of Lucasfilm.

Some can see parallels to when Bryan Singer left the X-Men franchise to make Superman Returns, but unlike that turn of events, I have complete faith in Abrams to restore Star Wars to it’s rightful place of glory.  I was already pumped for Episode 7, but now I’m ecstatic. My only requests are that Josh Holloway plays some sort of bounty hunter/smuggler, and Terry O’Quinn plays a Jedi. Cause c’mon, John Locke has to be in touch with the force, am I right?


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  1. man, I forgot you hadn’t even seen lost when you were saying locke should be a jedi. You barely even know locke!

    I was never a big star wars fan, so I’m the opposite of you- I’d rather he do the star trek movies, since the first one was so amazingly good. If he can do both, then that would rule. But I’d choose star trek.

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