2013….A Look Ahead

All right, so the “Best of 2012” and “Worst of 2012” are out of the way. You’ve all had time to digest my rants and raves of the year that’s gone by, and probably commented on how wrong I was. Regardless, it’s time to put all of that behind us and look ahead to 2013, and the awesome nerd things that will be coming our way!



mos_poster2Man Of Steel
Man Of Steel was a project I was very optimistic about, but it wasn’t until I saw the second trailer that I started to get really excited for it. Zack Snyder’s involvement will guarantee action, and Nolan’s producer tag will hopefully ensure a quality project. I’ve watched the trailer at least 7 times now, and every time I’m filled with hope for an awesome movie that will give us a Superman that we need.


But Man Of Steel isn’t just going to be hitting the theaters! This summer, to coincide with the
release of the film, DC will be launching Man Of Steel by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. Now, I’ve never been one who could follow the adventures of the Last Son Of Krypton every month, but if there’s anyone who could get me to pick up a monthly Superman book, it’s Scott Snyder. Couple that with art from the always-awesome Jim Lee, and DC already has my money.

The Wake the-wake-cropped
Scott Snyder. Sean Murphy. That should be enough to pique your interest in this upcoming Vertigo mini. Not much is known about the story, but one can imagine from their previous collaboration (the American Vampire mini Lord of Nightmares) one can expect something that will keep you up at night. Snyder continues to dominate the racks with Batman and Swamp Thing, and Murphy is hot off his masterpiece Punk Rock Jesus. These are two creators at the top of the game, which can only mean one thing: this book has the potential to be the top release of the year.



GA_Cv17Green Arrow
Green Arrow has been one of the worst books of the DC reboot. This is unfortunate, because I really want to read the adventures of Oliver Queen, thanks in large part to CW’s Arrow series. Hopefully this all changes in February, when Animal Man scribe Jeff Lemire takes over the title. Coupled with I, Vampire artist Andrea Sorrentino, Lemire has stated that he wants to make Green Arrow “a hunter again”, and bring a more street-level approach to the character, a take that should hopefully lift the title from the bottom of the New 52 barrel.






Iron Man 3Official-Iron-Man-3-Poster-570x844
The first Marvel movie since The Avengers, Iron Man 3 will see the aftermath of Loki’s attack on New York, and finally introduce movie goers to the Mandarin. While it’s been stated that Tony Stark won’t have any help from his fellow Avengers in this film, I’d be very surprised if we don’t see at least one member show up for a quick cameo.







Superior_spiderman_1Superior Spider-Man
Yeah, I may not be entirely on board for Doc Ock in Spidey’s body, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not intrigued by it. While some of his more recent stories haven’t been sticking the landing, Dan Slott does seem to have something up his sleeve that I want to see, and Ryan Stegman’s art will make the book worth being on my pull list.







The WolverineThe-Wolverine-691x1024
Hugh Jackman will probably be shirtless at some point in this movie. That’s all that needs to be said.

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