2012: The WORST Nerd Things of The Year!

Last week was my favorite nerd things of the year, so of course, here are my absolute LEAST favorite things that occurred over the year of our lord 2012. Now, just because these are my least favorite things doesn’t mean that they are completely awful.  These are my opinions, and mine only. So, without further ado, here’s my bottom of the barrel for nerd events in 2012!



By and large, Amazing Spider-man had a pretty solid year, with one big, blonde haired exception: Andy Maguire, aka Alpha.  Introduced as Spider-man’s sidekick, Alpha was one overlong example of what Peter Parker would be like without the sense of responsibility. The “Poochie” of the Marvel universe, Alpha’s story arc lasted a merciful three issues (shorter than I expected, but longer than it ever needed to be) before being depowered by Spider-Man, an act that seemed uncharacteristically mean for Spidey. Unfortunately we haven’t seen the last of Alpha yet, as he’s due for a mini series in February. Get ready.






Justice League  JGL Batman movie rumorsjoseph-gordon-levitt-batman

I’m not the biggest fan of Warner Bros.’ decision to rush a Justice League film for 2015, it seems to me like they’re trying to mimic Marvel’s success with The Avengers. Of course, what made Avengers work so well was the fact that each member had their own movie to introduce them to movie audiences. Warner, on the other hand, wants to do the reverse of that, and spin out individual movies after the big team-up. While this annoys me, it pales in comparison to the rumor of Joseph Gordon-Leavitt’s John Blake appearing as Batman in the film. While I’m not surprised that WB would want to incorporate Justice League into the same realm as their most profitable franchise, but come on: Bruce Wayne is Batman, and Bruce Wayne needs to be in the Justice League film. Anyone who disagrees is wrong.



unnamedThe Quality of Marvel’s Paper Stock

Hey Marvel, if you’re going to charge me $3.99 for a book, stop printing it on glorified toilet paper. It was bad enough that you started doing it on the $2.99 titles, but to start using it on your $3.99 books is shameful.  Where is that $4 going? Cause it’s certainly not going into putting a quality looking and feeling product in my hands.  Fix it. Now.  And while we’re talking about your books….


Marvel Double/Triple/Quadruple Shippingall-new-xmen-329x500

Some books I want to read right away and not wait for the next issue. But you know what? Part of the greatness of comics is waiting for that next issue, building up in your head what could happen, and discussing those possibilities with your buddies at the shop. Marvel has decided to double ship many of their titles, and in some cases like All New X-Men and Wolverine and The X-Men ship them on a nearly weekly basis. That would be all well and good, if said books didn’t cost $3.99.  While Marvel is putting out a lot of quality material right now, they’re losing to the distinguished competition when it comes to thinking of their fans’ wallets.







christian-bale-joseph-gordon-levitt-the-dark-knight-rises-03The Dark Knight Rises

Yes, I love Nolan’s swan song to Batman. But the more I watch it, the more glaring some of the negative parts are to me. While (like all of the Nolan Batman films) there are forgivable plot holes, there’s one that for some reason I can’t disregard: when John Blake tells Bruce Wayne that he not only knows he’s Batman, but that he knew from when Wayne visited his orphanage as a child. I completely understand that Blake has to figure out who Batman really is for the finale of the movie to work, but I find it very hard to believe that Nolan couldn’t come up with a better way of getting us from point A to point B.

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  1. Alpha is def. NOT a kung fu hippie from gangsta city!

  2. Also – while the super shipping schedule has gotten a little out of control, we’d read W&TXM daily if we could.

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