Up Next on CW: (should be) Gotham Central!

gotham-spotlightSurprise, surprise. Not only is CW’s Arrow a hit, but it’s the biggest hit the network has had since the premiere of Supernatural. It’s also surprisingly well done. Sure, the acting leaves a lot to be desired, and everyone is too pretty, but the “Christopher Nolan light” tone of the series works really well for Green Arrow, and the fight scenes are pretty entertaining.

However, I want more. Specifically more DC universe shows on CW. And even more specifically, I want Gotham Central airing on Wednesday nights after Arrow next season.

What’s Gotham Central, you ask? Only one of the best, most original takes on the Batman universe in the past decade. Written by Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker, the series shined a light on the police officers working in the worst city on Earth, under the shadow of a vigilante who undermines them at literally every turn. On top of all this, they have to deal with not only a city with more than it’s fair share of crime, but also with the likes of Mr. Freeze, Clayface, and of course, The Joker. It’s an idea so incredibly brilliant that when you read it you’re stunned that it hadn’t already been done before. And it’s a creative goldmine that CW is completely missing out on.

The beauty of Gotham Central is that it hardly focuses on Batman, if ever. This would allow television producers and directors access to one of the best fictional locations in history, but also won’t break the bank. There’d be no need to show the Batcave, Batmobile, or complex fight scenes between Batman and his foes because he’s not the focus: the men and women of the Gotham PD are. There are whole arcs where Batman never shows up except for brief moments to clean up the cops’ messes, and even then those scenes are rarely shown. It’s the type of show that’s tailor made for TV: a great, unique concept based around an extremely well known property.

So who would fill out the Gotham Major Crimes Unit? I for one think that Lance Reddick of The Wire and Fringe fame would make an awesome Crispus Allen, and I even think that Michelle Rodriguez would be a good Renee Montoya (which is saying something, cause I am not a fan of hers at all). Hell, I’d even throw Keith Mars himself, the awesome Enrico Colantoni (Just watch Veronica Mars and you’ll see) into the mix as either corrupt cop Jim Corrigan or a character created entirely for the show. You could even have Kristen Bell show up as Stacy, the MCU Temp who turns on the Bat Signal when the police (begrudgingly) call on Batman.

Gotham Central is such a no brainer for a show that it KILLS me that it doesn’t exist. Batman is still riding high from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, and police procedurals will always be popular. Factor in the success of comic based shows like Arrow and The Walking Dead, and Warner Bros. would be a fool not to try and revive their initial plans for the show. As long as they involve Rucka and Brubaker in some capacity, there’s no way that Warner Bros. wouldn’t have a hit on their hands. They’ve sat on Justice League for too long, I just hope they learn their lesson and give us Gotham Central before it’s too late.


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