007, Reporting For Duty

If you haven’t seen Skyfall yet, do so now. Even if you’re not a huge James Bond fan, it’s a fantastic action movie and a stand out for the franchise. Daniel Craig has done the best Bond work since Casino Royale, and Javier Bardem’s baddie isn’t just one of the best Bond villains, but one of the best cinema villains of the decade, period. But I’m not here to gush about Skyfall. I’m here to ask this:

Why isn’t there a James Bond comic book?

Now before anyone says it, yes, there have been Bond comics in the past. Everyone from Marvel to DC to Topps had their go with 007, but his last adventure on the comic shelves was Topps’ adaptation of Goldeneye, of which only one issue saw the light of day. So what’s the hold up? Why is Bond seemingly impossible to translate into the comic medium? Is it that hard to create new stories about the superspy?

Perhaps the problem is that the character is already so well known that there would be a glut of 007 material available to the Bond fans. Bond films are an event for many (even when there isn’t a 4 year wait between them), so maybe the films wouldn’t be as big of an event if fans could get a monthly fix of Bond?

Just not this…okay?

Nah, it’s not that. I think it’s either that Bond producers Barbara Broccolli and Michael G Wilson aren’t willing to give out a Bond comic license, or publishers just aren’t interested in the license, which is a shame. James Bond is a character that, like Batman, Spider-Man, or any superhero, spans generations. I have fond memories of watching the marathons on TBS with my dad on Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday breaks, and seeing the new films in theaters. I love all of the actors who’ve played him, although I grew up watching Brosnan, so he’s the one I still think of when I picture him in my head. If done correctly, a James Bond: 007 comic series could be a draw for new readers, much like what The Walking Dead TV show is doing right now.


I’ve mentioned them before for previous properties, but once again, I think IDW would be the publisher for the job. They’ve already proven that they can handle properties respectfully, just look at their Star Trek, True Blood, and Ninja Turtles comics. Not to mention the fact that they could then incorporate Bond into crossovers with other characters. Just think of how awesome a James Bond/Danger Girl crossover would be. I know Bond would have fun at least….

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