Movie Review: Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope

Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope (2012)

Directed By: Morgan Spurlock

I love comic book conventions. Sure, I’ve only been to a handful of them, but they are an absolutely overwhelming blast to attend, and I intend on going to many, many more. Unfortunately, the Holy Grail for me is also the one convention that’s next to impossible to get to: San Diego.

However, thanks to producers Stan Lee, Harry Knowles, Joss Whedon, and Morgan Spurlock (who also directs), I can at least get a taste of the granddaddy of all conventions. Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope is an extremely entertaining and heart-warming look into the best place on the planet for geeks. With hundreds of testimonials from everyone from Todd McFarlane and Matt Fraction to Olivia Wilde, the doc really gets to the heart of the convention and more importantly, the fans who love this stuff.

A Fan’s Hope follows a crew of fans all going to the con for specific reasons: some are going to make a name for themselves as illustrators and costume designers, some to make life-altering decisions, and others are looking to score that special limited edition action figure. And in the case of Mile High Comics Chuck Rozanski, some are looking to unload their treasures.

Whomever the person, the one thing these people all have in common is the Con, and the things that it represents. In the hands of lesser people, this documentary could have easily mocked the people in it and the culture that they are a part of, but thankfully Spurlock knows more than most the appeal of the convention and how important it is.

If there’s one criticism to be had with A Fan’s Hope, it’s that I really wished we could’ve gotten a little more time with the creators and celebrities interviewed. The sheer amount of people who appear in it is staggering, and I hope that there’s an extra somewhere on the DVD that has all (or almost all) of these interviews in full.

Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope is a love letter to geeks. It’s got a lot of heart, and is extremely inspiring. Many of us may never get to go to “Mecca of the Nerds”, but at least by watching this documentary we can get a taste of it.
Verdict: Five Convention Sketches out of Five

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