Comic Reviews: Team 7 and Avengers vs. X-Men!

Team 7 #0

The wave of DC “Issue 0’s” isn’t just a way for the company to fill in gaps in time due to the reboot, it’s also being used to start up some new series as well. Case in point, this week’s Team 7. A cross between the DC Universe and Call Of Duty: Black Ops, T7 follows a team of government agents, mercenaries, and other assorted types that are formed together in order to control, command, and in some cases exterminate the growing amount of “metahumans” that have started popping up in the world.

Taking place in “five years later” era of the new DCU (which is roughly around the same time that the Justice League formed and Superman showed up), we’re introduced to Agents Dinah Drake and Kurt Lance, two government operatives who we then follow as they recruit other members. The small vignettes that we see of each team member are really entertaining, and seeing characters like Deathstroke and Grifter “begin” is really cool, and adds some great cohesion to the “new 52” universe, something that’s definitely been a little lacking in this rebooted line.
Much of this cool factor can be attributed to writer Justin Jordan, whom previously worked on The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode for Image, which was a fantastic read. Jordan’s entertaining script definitely packs in more than you can imagine, from the great dialogue to excellent moments showcasing how badass this can be. It’s awesome to see someone with creative talent working at the big two, and the premise behind Team 7 is rock solid enough that it should have no problem sustaining interest, especially if Jordan is still teamed with artist Jesus Merino. Merino’s work here is very dynamic, and there’s some great fluidity in his sequencing work.  If more intro “zero issues” are like Team 7, then we’re in for a real treat once this next batch of DC titles starts up.


Avengers vs. X-Men #11

Here we go! The big, penultimate throw down before the finale that “changes the Marvel universe forever” for the fifth time. While I had this events in this issue spoiled for me on twitter today (and had made an educated guess at what could happen a month ago), I still found this issue to be extremely entertaining, and easily the best of the series.

Captain America assembles nearly everyone who’s been an Avenger to help him, starting with an excellent opening scene that proves once again how great Brian Michael Bendis can be when he’s on top of his game. Eventually the X-Men come to his side after realizing how insane Phoenix-Cyclops (Phoenixclops?) has been acting, and the two teams join forces in true Marvel fashion to take down this bigger and badder enemy. And it all ends with the death of…..

Nah I won’t be that guy. While this series has fallen into the classic “hero team-up” outline, this issue stands out thanks to Olivier Coipel’s stunning artwork. Yes, the man how left his drawing duties after one issue is back here, and you know what? I’m okay with him taking a break, cause the art is amazing in this issue. Simply jaw-dropping. There are at least 3 pages from this book that I will be hunting down as prints at the next convention I go to, they’re that good.  Avengers vs. X-Men #11 is a stunning chapter in the series, and for the first time since issue 5 I’m eagerly awaiting the next issue.


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