Comic Reviews: Before Watchmen: Rorschach and The Walking Dead!

COMIC REVIEWS!!! Watchmen: Rorschach #1 (of 4)

Arguably the most anticipated of the Before Watchmen books, Rorschach is well worth the wait. Writer Brian Azzarello and artist Lee Bermejo give us exactly what we want from a Walter Kovacs solo book. While both beautiful and dirty, the book nails the feel of 70’s New York City, a time and place where a violent vigilante like Rorschach was probably needed.

Without a doubt, Brian Azzarello was the perfect choice to write this book.  He absolutely nails the character that was already clearly defined in Alan Moore’s book, and while he doesn’t try to reveal anything we didn’t already know about the character, he does have a very strong grasp on what makes Rorschach tick, and more importantly, why he’s the most beloved of the Watchmen characters. As equally important to this issue (if not more so) is Lee Bermejo’s artwork. My god, the man is insane here, capturing the gritty, noir stylings of the city in a very beautiful way. It’s kind of creepy how gorgeous the art is in this book, especially when you realize some of the terrible things that are being committed in it.

The story follows Rorschach on the case of a drug pusher in New York City, and his first steps towards finding the head of the operation. Combining this with the familiar “Rorschach’s Journal” entries that we all know and love instantly transports the reader back into the world of Watchmen, and the brutal, harsh reality of Walter Kovacs. While there are no ‘big reveals” in this issue, we do get a very tragic look into Kovac’s past, which again makes us sympathetic towards this most likely insane individual. Hands down, this is the best of the Before Watchmen books, and I’m very pleased that it lived up to my expectations. A must buy.


Walking Dead #101

Picking up immediately after the horrifying issue 100, the latest issue of Walking Dead finds Rick and co. dealing with the fallout of their “meeting” with Negan. Right from the get go we get some great character moments from our main cast, specifically regarding the fate of a certain character that happened last issue.  The weight of the situation that these characters are in is starting to be felt, and as always, when the hammer starts to drop, the quality of the book goes up. There’s a tenseness in the air that hasn’t been felt for awhile now, and I cannot wait to see where this story goes. Negan’s influences are far and wide, but now it seems that Rick may have the means to stop him. Trade waiters, I envy your patience.

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