Indian Giver Marvel. If only you had the Eye Of Agamotto, telepathy, or Madame Webb’s ability to see into the future. Then you wouldn’t find yourself in the position you are in right now, struggling to barter and trade your way into getting the movie rights to your characters back.

For those unaware, what I’m referring to is the current movie states of Daredevil and the Fantastic Four. Both are owned by Fox Studios, whom you could make a very strong case for mishandling both properties in the past (I don’t hate Daredevil as much as most, but the less said about the two Fantastic Four movies the better). Both are also “in danger” of having the movie rights return to Marvel and their studio if Fox doesn’t start production on them soon. Early reports stated that Fox was willing to trade Galactus and Silver Surfer (who come as a part of the “Fantastic Four” movie rights) in exchange for keeping Daredevil.




HOWEVER, new reports are saying that Fox would rather keep the two characters and let Daredevil go back to Marvel Studios. While it’s unfortunate to think that we won’t get to see Silver Surfer or Galactus in any of Marvel’s cosmic films, I thinkMatt Murdock would be best suited at Marvel Studios. Besides the fact that Fox has hired Chronicle director Josh Trank to reboot Fantastic Four (which I’m curious to see), it’s fairly obvious that Fox has been taking their sweet time getting a new Daredevil film made. The last film was made back in 2003, and superhero films have changed a LOT in that time.



While a Daredevil film would be awesome, I honestly think the property would be even better if done as a gritty crime drama (possibly on FX). A mix of Law and Order and vigilante justice shows, you could balance the beating up criminals activities of Daredevil with the courtroom drama of Matt Murdock’s life as an attorney. Sure, courtroom dramas are a dime a dozen on network TV, but having one be focused on Daredevil would make this one stand out from the crowd. Hell, just get Brian Michael Bendis and have him adapt his comic storylines. It would make for an awesome drama, and would diversify the products that Marvel Studios turns out.

While it’s going to be a long time (if ever) until we see Spider-man or the X-Men back at Marvel, at least with this news we can have some hope that most of our favorite Marvel heroes will return home to a studio that accepts and understands them. Sure, we’ve had some great non-Marvel Studio movies, but a lot of them range from “meh” to “god-awful”. At least under the same studio house we could get the chance to see the wider Marvel universe that we know and love.

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