Comic Reviews: Justice League and Daredevil!

COMIC REVIEWS!!!! League #11

Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justice League is one of the most entertaining titles available, and issue 11 is no exception. Following an attack by the new villain Graves, the League recoups and tries to make sense of this new threat. Graves, the author of a book that propelled the Justice League into the spotlight, blames them for the death of his family, is determined to make Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and co. pay.

The real reason I enjoyed this issue so much is that Johns got into each members’ heads in a very quick way. By showing each hero a deceased loved one, Johns is able to allow the reader to go beyond just the guys in tights punching each other. Of course, there’s plenty of that here too, as tensions surrrounding the search for Steve Trevor hit a boiling point for the League members. After visiting his sister’s house (which Graves just visited), Wonder Woman finally lets loose on the team, and it makes for one of the highlights of the issue. Johns’ has a knack for showing just how different these heroes are, and also how difficult it can be for them to all get along.  As always, Jim Lee shows once again why he’s a master of the medium. His panels depicting Wonder Woman throwing down with her fellow Justice Leaguers are incredible, and are the stuff that make this issue stand out from the other books on the rack.

Speaking of stellar art, Gary Frank handles the pencils in the Shazam! back up story, which is hands down the best installment yet. We FINALLY get to see Black Adam throw down, and it easily makes me wish that this was its own series and not just a back-up. However, getting two excellent stories for the price of one Marvel comic is A-OK in my book. And with both stories ending on a cliffhanger, I’m definitely looking forward to the next installments.


Daredevil #15

Eisner winner Mark Waid continues his run on the “man without fear” with Daredevil #15, which continues Matt Murdock’s little “vacation” to Latveria. I use “vacation” lightly, as he’s actually been kidnapped by Dr. Doom’s forces, due to his recent control over the Omega Drive, the special hard disk that contained information on every criminal organization in the Marvel universe. Doom’s scientists have begun experimenting on Murdock’s brain. Attempting to unlock and replicate the power of his “radar sense”, they have momentarily left him deprived of all of his senses. Daredevil attempted a daring escape last issue as the drugs took hold, and his senses gave out just as he was attempting to jump into a passing train….
Of course Murdock survives, but he’s recaptured and experimented on by Doom’s men. However, he slowly starts to realize that his powers are slightly returning, and he makes yet another attempt at escape. As Daredevil makes his way through Latveria, Waid cleverly introduces the importance of his powers. Since Murdock has relied on his senses for so long, he never had to turn his head to see where he was looking. Relying on his very limited senses creates a great obstacle for Murdock to overcome, and gives us a very entertaining issue to read. The art by Chris Samnee is superb, and really adds to the whole of this series. A fantastic addition to a superb run.

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