Comic Reviews: The Walking Dead and Batman!


The Walking Dead #100

 Well, that was incredibly depressing. The Walking Dead is a comic series known for its peaks and valleys narrative. Just when things start to lull and Rick’s ragtag group of survivors settle in, the pace ramps back up and leaves you slack jawed at its conclusions. Case in point: The Walking Dead issue 100.

Focusing entirely on Rick, Michonne, Carl, Glenn, and Maggie, the issue finds our heroes meeting the mysterious Negan for the first time. And 50 of his closest friends. I’ll stay spoiler free for the rest of this review, but be forewarned: this is a brutal issue, and a reminder that nothing is safe in Robert Kirkman’s world. By issue’s end, I was stunned at what I had just witnessed, and was actively looking for a way out for our heroes.

While Robert Kirkman has placed our characters in a very tough spot, Charlie Adlard has created a hellishly violent circumstance for them. There were moments in the book where I actually winced at the things I was seeing. This issue is NOT for the faint of heart, and presents an entirely new villain for Rick Grimes to go up against. It’s too early to say if he’ll usurp The Governor, but he’s very close, and his introduction here in this issue won’t be one that people will soon forget.

Just remember while reading it: It’s only a comic book; it’s only a comic book.


Batman #11BATMAN #11

The unstoppable machine that is Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman continues on with this issue, the finale of the “Court Of Owls” storyline that has taken everything Bruce Wayne thought he knew about Gotham and turned it on its head.  Faced with the “mastermind” behind the entire plot, Batman does battle with Lincoln March, who may or may not be his long lost brother. The battle is waged through in the old children’s hospital March “grew up” in, to the skies above Gotham, until finally concluding at Wayne’s new tower (that we last saw way back in issue 3). Tying up nearly every mystery that Snyder and Capullo have introduced throughout the run, this issue is a satisfying ending to the “Court Of Owls” storyline, and is another benchmark in the phenomenal run that Snyder and Capullo are on with the Dark Knight.

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