Venom: Lethal Box Office Protector?

With the success of The Avengers, it should come as no surprise that many studios are eager to attempt their own stab at a shared movie universe.  Warner Bros. is moving full steam ahead with a Justice League film, and according to, Sony is looking to get into the game with their licensed properties. Namely, they want to make a solo Venom movie.

Let me say that again. They want to make a solo VENOM MOVIE.

Now, I’m all for Eddie Brock getting a second go round on the silver screen after the rushed job that was Spider-man 3, but he needs to have his time as a villain before this. Now, this may be the case for his solo movie, and while no one has seen The Amazing Spider-man yet to say if Venom or the symbiote are even mentioned in the film, I have to say, I’d rather see Eddie Brock in a Spider-man film first, harassing the wall-crawler.

One of the key things that makes Venom such a great villain is that he has a very personal relationship to Spider-man. Much like Green Goblin, the battles he has with Peter Parker are many times more than just Venom vs. Spider-man, they’re Peter vs. Eddie Brock.  Brock blames Peter Parker for EVERTYHING that has caused his life to go wrong. It’s the one thing he can’t let go of. And while the 90’s mandate of making him into a “lethal protector of the innocent” was an interesting one, there aren’t too many memorable stories from that era. Venom (at least the Eddie Brock version) works best as a villain, plain and simple.  He’s a personal threat to Spider-man because he’s one of the few enemies with an awareness of Parker’s identity, and I have a hard time believing that a solo Venom movie will be able to explain Brock not only getting the suit, but also having his life “ruined” by Spider-man.

Speaking of Eddie Brock gaining the symbiote, how will this spin-off film explain Venom’s powers? In all of his appearances, it’s explained that the symbiote copied Peter Parker’s power set, allowing the next host to have the same powers. So, how will this new Eddie Brock be able to climb walls? I suppose the writers could get around this by having the symbiote be based off of Peter Parker’s DNA, but at the same time, I’m a huge fan of Spidey’s black costume, and after the “symbiote look” of Spider-man 3, I think that deserves another go round too.

Regardless of my reservations of a Venom spin-off film, I will admit to being intrigued by the idea. Will he fight Carnage? Will it be a version of the “Separation Anxiety”?  And most importantly, will it be like other superhero spin-offs Elektra and Catwoman (BAD)?  Venom is a great character, and one of the best villains Marvel has. He’s already been tarnished once. Let’s try and learn from our mistakes and not rush something.

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