Comic Reviews: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Walking Dead!

COMIC REVIEWS!!!! Mutant Ninja Turtles #10

The latest issue of IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series reintroduces readers to the classic villain, Shredder.  There’s a good deal of mystery surrounding this take on the character, especially since it’s hinted that he has died previously and has been resurrected (not to mention that he knew Splinter in his previous life). Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz’ script is great, and keeps up their grand tradition of introducing new concepts to this new series, while also making sure that classic Turtles elements remain intact.

Continuing from the previous issue, Splinter is brought to the hideout of the Foot Clan, a group of ninjas that Splinter remembers from his past life. At the same time, the four Turtles, along with April and Casey Jones are searching for their “father”. The search leads them to an abandoned pawnshop owned by April’s family, which she opens up for the four to use as a home base.  We later bounce back to Splinter in battle with a giant foot ninja, which is easily the highlight of the issue. Moving swiftly and powerfully, but being careful not to kill his opponent, Splinter shows just how badass he is, and the issue ends on a pretty good cliffhanger that leaves me wanting more about the nefarious Shredder.

As I said before, Eastman and Waltz’ script deftly mixes the old and the new, and the dialogue between the four turtles is great. They each have the same personalities your remember, yet they are still on their journey to become the characters that we remember from our youth. Couple this with Dan Duncan’s excellent pencils and you have a great comic that is a can’t miss for fans of the Turtles in a Half Shell.


The Walking Dead #98

The Walking Dead continues its march to issue 100 this month, and with it, we get the first causality. I’ll keep it spoiler free, but be warned, it comes out of nowhere and throws you completely off guard. Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s series has taught us to expect one thing: no one is safe. And with this issue, they prove that yet again. If for some reason you haven’t been reading this book, what is wrong with you? Catch up man!

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