Last Man Standing: Black Cat vs. Catwoman!           

All right, let’s try this again. My previous “Last Man Standing” from a few months ago didn’t exactly light up the Jetpack forums that I had hoped it would. However, I still have faith in my fellow nerds, so this time, let’s have two feline-themed sometimes super-villainess’ go toe-to-toe and claw-to-claw. As usual, I’ll present the scenario and introduce our combatants, and then you, the Jetpack faithful, will sound off in the forums. Whoever gets the most votes by Sunday will be declared our champion!

And now, I bring you…BLACK CAT vs. CATWOMAN!

The New York Metropolitan Museum, after hours.  A rope falls from above, smacking the ground below. A small, lithe figure slinks gracefully down the rope, and crouches down, taking in her surroundings. Selina Kyle, Catwoman, is here for one thing:  an ancient armor that is said to be priceless, except for the right buyer of course.

Turning down the hall, Kyle is amazed to find that many of the alarms installed in the museum have already been shut down. As she makes her way into the Armory wing, the gates close around her, and she hears a voice from above.

“You know, call me territorial, but I’m not the biggest fan of people stealing from my turf”.

Catwoman looks up. Hanging from a tabard, Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, is poised, ready to strike. 

“Look, I’m just here to do a job. And since you’ve already given me an extra push by disarming the place, why don’t you just let me walk by? I’ll get what I want, and you’ll get what you want.” Kyle says, as she readies her whip behind her back.

“Well, that depends,” Hardy drops from the ceiling, “on what it is that you’re after.”

Kyle nods to the suit of armor just beyond the gate.

“Hmmm…I thought that,” Hardy says, walking closer to Catwoman. “And to think, here I thought I found someone who understands me.”

Black Cat lunges at Catwoman, who deftly pounces out of the way. She moves her whip towards Cat, hitting her cheek and drawing first blood. The two cats’ claws are unsheathed and ready…

So my fellow nerds, who’s going to win this literal catfight? Black Cat or Catwoman? VOTE NOW in the Jetpack forums or in the comments below!

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