Comic Reviews: Nightwing and Avengers vs. X-Men!


The “Night Of The Owls” event keeps chuggin’ along, except with this tie-in, the stakes are a little more personal. In the latest issue of Nightwing, Dick Grayson faces down a Talon that has a very close relation to him, as he is his ancestor, William Cobb.

Bouncing back and forth between flashbacks to Cobb’s life before he became an assassin for the Court of Owls and Grayson’ fight against him, Nightwing #9 is a phenomenal tie-in that, much like last week’s Batman and Robin not only works in the confines of the major event, but also within the title’s ongoing storyline as well. Nightwing has been a great companion piece to Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman series, and while it wasn’t noticeable at first, it makes for a very enjoyable read now if you’ve been following both series. Writer Kyle Higgins’ revelations into Dick Grayson’s family history and their connection to the Court are phenomenal, and cover everything down to Dick’s last name.

Eddy Barrows’ pencils are still solid, even if there are a few weird facial expressions towards the end of the issue. His fight scenes are fantastic though, as are his panels depicting a simpler Gotham, that has just as much darkness as it does today.

With revelations aplenty, Nightwing #9 is a fantastic, must-read installment of not only the larger “Night Of The Owls” event, but for fans of Dick Grayson as well. A certain other publisher could take some cues from Scott Snyder, Kyle Higgins, and the Batman editorial team on how to craft a well-executed crossover, as there hasn’t been a single issue of this crossover that I’ve picked up and felt ripped off.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #4

The latest issue of Avengers vs. X-Men has hit, and while it continues the upward trend that last month’s Brubaker penned issue started, I can’t help but shake the feeling that I would’ve enjoyed this issue more if I had picked up all of the Avengers and X-Men related titles that have been enveloped by this event.

Jonathan Hickman is the writer this go around, and his straightforward approach to the main narrative is welcome, given his track record for absolutely off the walls insanity sometimes. I particularly loved the way he got Wolverine out of the arctic, even if it doesn’t entirely match up with what I assumed had happened in Wolverine and The X-Men.

Anyways, while the main storyline is a fairly straightfoward affair, there are numerous callbacks to events that clearly happened in some of the spin-off books. While I suppose it’s not completely a surprise, I was a little annoyed by this fact, as if I’m paying for the main story, I feel like I should get the main story beats in the book.

Despite my rant, Avengers vs. X-Men #4 is a good issue, and is another step in the right direction after the lackluster first two issues. Next issue sees the “fiery conclusion of act one”, so we’ll see how that shapes up.


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