By The Power Of Greyskull! I……HAVE….A COOOMMICCC!!!!!

There was a lot of news to come out of Emerald City Comic Con, but it was a piece of news that came after it ended that got me excited the most:
This July, DC Comics will be printing a new Masters Of The Universe comic. Strange, I know, as He-Man and co. haven’t been relevant for years now (although the Cartoon Network relaunch from 2003 rules), but it doesn’t matter, because he’s back. And more importantly, this means Skeletor, the baddest villain ever, is back, and judging by the press release , he’s going to continue to be awesome.
The basic premise of this new MOTU six-issue mini is that Skeletor has won. Yes, the bad mofo with the awesome hideout finally has control over  Castle Greyskull, which in turn means that he now rules Eternia. To ensure his dominance over the realm, Skeletor casts a spell causing all of  the Masters to forget their past lives.  Prince Adam, now a farmer, has no idea of the power he possesses, and the fact that he can change the world around him.
 I may be the only person on the planet excited for this, but I don’t care, it’s happening, and maybe this will be the resurgence He-Man needs to get an awesome movie made out of it. I can’t explain my fascination with the world of Eternia, I wasn’t even born at the time Masters Of The Universe was a huge hit. I completely understand that the entire concept of He-Men is pretty ridiculous, and a blatant Conan The Barbarian rip-off.  Maybe it’s because I got an entire box of the toys when I was young at a yard sale, and played with them in their Castle Greyskull until many of them fell apart.  Or maybe it’s the designs of the characters and monsters that hooked me in. Sure, many of them have hilariously literal names (Man-E-Faces anyone?), but there are a lot of really awesome-looking villains in the MOTUuniverse.
Anyways, this summer DC Comics is making my wish come true. Thanks to James Robinson and Philip Tan, I’m not only getting a new Masters Of the Universe comic, but one where Skeletor has won as well.  It may be an out of left field choice, but it’s one I’ll gladly take.

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