Comic Reviews: Swamp Thing and Winter Soldier!


Swamp Thing #7

Scott Snyder’s other amazing DC book keeps on firing with issue seven, which also features the triumphant return of not only artist Yanick Paquette, but also Swamp Thing himself as well. Picking up immediately after the previous issue, we find Alec Holland killed by the Rot’s disfigured minions, except now he is encased in cocoon thanks to the Parliament of the Trees.  With enemies all around them, Holland is faced with a choice that will change his life forever: will he embrace the green or abandon it forever?

Snyder’s script is so wonderful in this book that it’s a revelation. Creating something completely new but also keeping the ideas that Alan Moore created before him, Snyder has crafted one of the finest books on the stands. His characterization of Holland is spot on, and even better is his handle on the Parliament of Trees, the all powerful council that looks for avatars to protect “the green”.  Snyder does a fantastic job upping the stakes in this issue, especially when it comes to Holland’s relationship with Abigail Arcane, who we have just recently learned is destined to be a part of “the Rot” clan of creatures.

Even more so than Snyder, this issue belongs to Yanick Paquette. He absolutely tears it up in this issue. Everything from the layouts to the depictions of the Rot are absolutely amazing, and horrifying when it comes to his depictions of the Rot. It really is the stuff of nightmares. The final few pages, in which Holland emerges and lays waste to his enemies, is one of the coolest things I’ve seen this year, and definitely should get “Dig” on the “Dig and Dumps of the week” on the Jetpack forums. 

Swamp Thing #7 is yet another gold star that should be added to Snyder’s chart at DC comics. The man is a machine, and is quickly proving himself to be one of the top talents working in comics today. Highly recommended.

Winter Soldier #3

Ed Brubaker’s Winter Soldier hits issue 3, and after reading it, I am officially on board. This issue finds Bucky and Black Widow preparing to break into a Latverian embassy so they can locate Dr. Doom. Why do they need Dr. Doom? Well, because someone has stolen a Doombot and is planning on using it to frame him, that’s why.  At this point Brubaker could write Bucky in his sleep, and the same can be said for Butch Guice’s art abilities. But while that may seem like this issue is more of the same old same old, it’s really not, as this issue is full of action and progresses the plot forward. If Brubaker and Guice can keep the action and plot up to this kind of level, they’ll have one of the best Marvel books out there.

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