Like many kids born in the late 80s’, I have a fond place in my heart for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Those heroes in a half shell took up a lot of space in my toy chest (as well as ate up a lot of my parent’s money), and I still stop and check in on them every once in awhile. However, a few years ago, the well had dried up. The awful reboot cartoon was off the air, and the cgi TMNT failed to do anything to rejuvenate the franchise, even if it was surprisingly good. Thankfully, that has recently changed. Thanks to IDW, the four turtles from the sewer are back and better than ever, and are quickly becoming one of the top titles on the shelves.
It baffles me that Dover, NH doesn’t have a “birthplace of the TMNT” sign

The IDW Ninja Turtles series serves as somewhat of a reboot of the original origin for the Turtles and their master, Splinter the rat.  However, Kevin Eastman, one of the original creators of the four vigilantes, spearheads the series.  With Eastman at the helm, the reboot seems less of “let’s change it just to change it” and more of Eastman updating the origin to fit in modern times.  One of these updates is the revelation that Splinter was a lab rat that was experimented on prior to his exposure to the ooze, and showed some signs of increased intelligence before that event. There’s also an interesting twist with the reasons why the Turtles came to be and their relationship with Splinter, which may divide some people, but I found it to be really cool and unique.
The turtles’ origin isn’t the only new additions to the comic series. They also have a new villain as well: Old Hobb, a mangy alley cat who has a score to settle with Splinter and his “children”. While we still don’t know entirely why Hobb is so keen on killing splinter, he’s a welcome breath of fresh air, and adds a fun new twist with his interactions with well-known turtles characters like Baxter Stockman and General Krang. What’s that? Who’s “General Krang”? Why he’s the new and improved Krang, and he’s badass, with a completely new and intimidating look. Yes he’s still a little pink brain, but he’s so cool looking in his new power suit that you don’t even care.
So far, seven issues have been released, with the first five issues already collected in a trade paperback.  While there’s no Shredder appearance just yet, his presence is well known in the opening arc, and I can’t wait for his update in the near future. I can’t recommend this series to Turtles’ fans enough. It’s got everything you would want, with great characterization and artwork. In fact, the only thing it’s missing is Leatherhead, arguably the best Ninja Turtles character ever.  The Turtles on our their way back, and this time, you can jump on the bandwagon BEFORE everyone else

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